Monday, July 30, 2012

Tilburg & Eindhoven

I had never been to Tilburg before and as most travel guides usually neglect Tilburg from touristic routes I had never been curious about it. But taking into acount the small possibility that I could go to study there I decided that it was about time to find out what Tilburg was really like. And after wandering around for a couple of hours I could somehow understand that the only lines that Lonely Planet dedicates to Tilburg in its Netherlands guide are to describe the Tilburgse Kermis (Tilburg Street Fair) which was actually taking place until yesterday. Tilburg is not specially beautiful and it does not have many interesting sightseeing points, just a couple of museums and the first art school that Van Gogh attended. Besides, there are some nice small boutiques full of cute things (most of them on the Nieuwlandstraat, where the tourism office can also be found), but that alone is not reason enough to visit Tilburg. And at least you have a penchant for street fairs, the Tilburgse Kermis is also not reason enough. The best thing of the trip was finding a Pull&Bear store, one of my favourite Spanish brands, which I hadn't visited since last Christmas!

Tilburg is a former textile centre in North Brabant with approximately 206000 inhabitants, so I was expecting a greater city atmosphere. My first surprise was the train station, which is really tiny with just three platforms (Maastricht's population is half of that of Tilburg and the train station has 6 platforms and, well, it's really beautiful). I arrived in Tilburg at 11:30 am, not really that early, but the city was totally emtpy, as if no one had been around for ages. And people did not show up until 1:00 pm or so, when most fair rides started functioning. I walked around the city for a couple of hours, did some window shopping and went to see and exhibition of old fair rides (very cute!). Finally I took the train and paid a visit to the Tilburg University, my primary reason to be there, and it wasn't very impressive either. The university campus is on the outskirts of Tilburg, just near a forest. All the buildings are rather new and look a bit the same, which is a bit boring! The only thing I finally did not do was visiting a museum, so maybe, but only maybe, I might go back sometime to Tilburg to visit the Textile Museum.

On my way back I decided to make a pitstop in Eindhoven. Again, I had never been in Eindhoven before and I wasn't expecting that much either. Eindhoven is best known for being home to Phillips and the PSV Eindhoven football team (and more recently for being the cheapest entry door into the Netherlands, thanks to  a certain Irish airline). I only stayed in Eindhoven for a short while and I just walk around the city centre, which is mainly a shopping district full of chain stores and boutiques. However, even though it is also a modern city without the antique charms of many other Dutch cities it was rather nice. And I came across a very beautiful (gothic?) church with some crystall windows on the floor just opposite the main entrance. I looked down, expecting to see some old walls but instead,I just saw some ols skeletons laying there ... I gotta do some research about it. And I will probably go back to Eindhoven some other time to discover the city more calmly!


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