Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On my way to Belgium I found ...

Recently I've picked up the good habit of going out for a long walk in the evening. After a tiring day this is a good way to relax and and it really helps me to unlock my mind making it easier to find new ideas and to keep on studying later in the evening. So last Sunday, after an stressful problem-solving session, I decided to make the most of the nice weather and to walk until I reached the Belgium border, something I had been wanting to do since I came to live in Maastricht. And besides enjoying the sunny weather, I could also enjoy an interesting photo trip, as I found many beautiful, eye-catching places on my way. These are some of those beauties!

I followed a winding road into the countryside and I got lost among lush green hills. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't any clouds in the sky, making these fields the perfect spot for a laid-back hike.

Another winding path took me to this secluded church surrounded by a graveyard. While the church may look just like any ordinary church in The Netherlands I found something special in its isolated location on the top of a low hill and the inside was rather beautiful.

Nearby the church I came across this beautifully ornated door. I guess it was the entrance to some cottage but I couldn't help but wonder what mysteries it would unveil if I opened it.

Later on I spotted this hidden haven. Well, it's not really that hidden as it can be viewed from the other bank of the river but when you're walking along this side you can only guess it is there after the bushes, so you have to get closer to take a look through the fence.

On my way back I saw this beautiful garden, which somehow reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and I thought that perhaps a mad tea party was about to be enjoyed inside the house.

The only thing I didn't find on my way to Belgium was Belgium. When the pedestrian lane became a bike path lane and the street a motorway I knew that it was high time to walk the way back home and maybe try another way to Belgium another day. Anyways, I don't bother that much for not having reached Belgium on foot yet as in two weeks I'm probably going to spend the weekend in Brussels. And even better, I'll be spending four or five days in Brussels during the last weekend of October and as I'll be a birthday girl by then I'm already wishing for a nice trip to Antwerp as a b'day treat! I am really looking forward to visiting my first adoptive city again, to getting lost in its cobbled streets, to enjoying some fritjes and some kriek (cherry beer), to catching a glimpse of the city from the left bank and to listening to some jazz for free in De Muze. Besides there are a couple of new things I would like to check: the new MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) and its impressive building with glass windows spiralling up the building until the top floor, the new collections at the Mode Museum and the only Forever21 store in the Benelux. I've never been to a Forever21 store but lately I just seem to find their clothes in every fashion magazine, to read about them in many fashion blogs and I spotted some gorgeous golden ballet pumps on their website, so I'm curious about it! But before by birthday comes I am a girl on a mission, namely passing my exams. And maybe, when the time finally comes I'll be so exhausted that the only trip I'll be willing to plan will be to Slumberland!


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