Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back in Antwerp for a day!

Antwerp MAS

Antwerp is the city of diamonds, the city of fashion, the city of cool, the city where dreams do come true ... at least for me! Five years ago I went to live in Antwerp as part of my study exchange and it was an unforgettable experience. It was the first time I lived outside my parents and the first time I lived abroad and five years later I still cherish every memory of that wonderful time. For that reason, Antwerp is a very special place for me and I love going back there. So, last weekend, as I was a b'day girl, I was in for a treat and decided to spend a day in Antwerp with my boyfriend and it was simply great!

Antwerp Centraal Station

As we already knew the city we didn't bother to get up so early and didn't stress about sightseeing. Anyways, the train from Brussels to Antwerp only takes 35 minutes, so it is a really relaxed trip. As soon as I stepped out of the train in the Central Station I felt a rush of excitement and when I saw the bluest sky I had ever seen in Belgium I knew that it would be an amazing day, even though it was incredibly cold! I spent the morning doing some window shopping in the many stores along the Meir, one of the best and most beautiful shopping streets I've seen so far. We stopped at Wagamama to indulge in some nice oriental food, which might not be a traditional choice, but we had had enough of frites, waffles and chocolate. And once our stomachs were full and the window shopping cravings fulfilled we wandered around the cobbled streets of the city center, went to take some pictures by the river and finally headed to Antwerp's newest attraction: the  MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom). The MAS was opened in 2011 and it's a high building with ondulating windows spiralling along the façade to allow visitors to view the city from every possible angle. I didn't check the collection but I went up till the 10th floor (no need to walk, there are escalators) and I enjoyed there from the panoramic view of the city that the open air roof-floor has to offer. As I mentioned before, the sky was incredibly blue, with no clouds at all, so actually, it was the perfect day to take a look at the city from above, even if temperatures had suddenly dropped down to 0ºC. After that, we walked back to the station and took a train back to Brussels. It was not the longest daytrip, but it was for sure one of the best! And that's also a good thing of going back to a place you already know, that you don't have to rush to see everything or to stress about not missing unmissable touristic spots, you can simply relax and enjoy!



Antwerp Grote Markt

Antwerp MAS


  1. Oh wow! It is spectacular! Glad you had a great time and revisited it with your boyfriend. It's nice going back to places.

    1. Thanks Kim, it was a really great day and I also think that it's nice to visit known places back. There's something relaxing in knowing where to go and what to see and not stressing about covering all the must-do-must-see!


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