Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012 - Keep your head up

October is one of my favourite months of the year. I like the way October is a relaxed month after a September full of changes, I like the way autumn takes over with its hundred hues of yellow, orange and red, I like the way cosy jumpers and warm scarfs gradually leave the closet they've been sleeping in for months, I like the way shorter days invite for longer dinners indoor lit by tealights, oh, and I kind of like the way I turn one year older by the end of the month. 

This year's October won't be as relaxed as usually as I have three hectic weeks ahead to prepare for my exams but I also have some nice trips planned to look forward to and hopefully this will make my study duties easier! I'll be spending the first and the last weekend of October in Brussels and I'm really happy to be going back to Belgium, as I haven't been there for a long time and I can't wait to enjoy some time in the country I lived in and loved five years ago. I specially look forward to celebrate my brithday with a trip to Antwerp, my cool and lovely home five years ago. And maybe I'll also visit Düsseldorf on the first weekend of November, which is also exciting as I've never been there before and I really like discovering new cities. There's something special about stepping out in some place and walking a random street for the first time while taking a look at monuments and sights unknown to me until that moment. Anyways, before indulging in those travel treats I'll have to keep my head up and work hard. Probably next weekend I'll spend most of the time studying but I'll try to make some time to take some nice photos to post here.

And what about you? Any nice plans for this month ahead? Have a nice October and let me know if you have cool tips for Brussels, Antwerp or Düsseldorf!


  1. You have some really nice trips to look forward to. I'm excited for you! I wish you the best on your exams :) I love this time of year! The colors of the season are beautiful and it's holiday time. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment too, Kim.
      I also love this time of the year exactly for the same reasons and I specially enjoy taking pictures in fall as the colours are amazing and changing everyday :)

  2. I love October. Have a great month!

    Follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)

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  3. Hi, Irenita,
    you have a lovely blog, I like that you have a really open and positive "let's go out and explore the world"-kinda attitude. Did you know there is a little Tokyo in Düsseldorf? Check it out, there is a very nice japanese ramen restaurant, called Takumi, an old family-owned restaurant-branch from Hokkaido, order a chicken-miso ramen, and a piccolo Alt beer which goes well with the ramen's taste. The warmth of the ramen will give you some energy for taking a loong walk in the autumn in Düsseldorf. Oh, and there is a mustard shop with really special treats, and and and... Hey, what about starting a new blog, that would deal with exploring the region, focusing on Maastricht, the colours, tastes, ambience of the place? Let me know if you are interested, I have a nice bunch of ideas and would like to find someone who has the same spirit so that we can start something interesting :) (hungarian_candyATyahooDOTcoDOTjp)

    1. Thanks for your comment Gyujto and all your interesting tips, I'll take them into account when I finally prepare my trip to Düsseldorf :)
      Your blog idea sounds cool, it'll be great to read it from you as I see that you have many nice ideas on mind!

  4. El otro dia cuando entré me quede con la duda de escribirte en castellano o no, despues de tu comentario veo que si.
    Antes que nada agredecerte la visita, triste pero cierto decir que poca gente se lee las entradas y me gusta ver q alguien lo hace, espero que lo pases genial en tu viaje, me encanta dar tips de viajes pero de los 3 sitios que vas a visitar solo he estado en Bruselas, hace años y con el cole, así que probablemente tu que has vivido alli lo conozcas mejor.
    Respecto a mis planes, acabo de volver de Italia, asi que el resto del mes se presenta mas bien casero que mi economía mensual para caprichos fue invertida de sobra en Italia, así que me espera un mes muy casero. besazo
    pd tu blog pinta muy bien, estare atenta a las proximas entradas. besazo

    1. Gracias a tí tb por tu visita, te doy toda la razón con lo de que mucha gente no lee las entradas, tengo la misma experiencia que tú!
      Yo llevo ya un año viviendo en Holanda y en septiembre empecé a hacer un máster aquí y cuando acabé no sé a donde iré pero de momento no parece que mis planes pasen por volver a España salvo de vacaciones. Aveces es duro con la distancia, pero gracias a internet las cosas son un poco más fáciles :) y me alegro de que me escriban en español, que así no me olvido jejeje Me gusta escribir en inglés y en principio las amigas que más me siguen no hablan español,así que tomé la decisión de empezara escribir en inglés.
      Te veo por tu blog, besito!


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