Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Autumn Beauty in Maastricht

Autumn is my favourite season of the year, specially since I discovered the true meaning of autumn in Europe. Coming from a subtropical island I had never fully enjoyed the change of seasons until I went to live abroad for the first time. In Tenerife trees don't lose their leaves, rain is scarce throughout the year, temperatures hardly ever go below 10ºC and even snow in the mountains is becoming something rare. So, it wasn't until I was living in Antwerp that I could actually delight myself in the beauty of autumn, in its warm colours, in its cosy ways. And ever since that time I usually feel the need to go out with my camera and take hundreds of pictures of all the transformations that are happenig day after day, specially if the sun is shining! Ever since, I'm still amazed by the way trees go from green to naked, the way days get colder and shorter and the way my metabolism changes making me always feel sleepy and needy of chocolate!

This is a first collection of autumn random pictures taken until now here in Maastricht, hope you like them :-)


Going out to take pictures
Singing under the rain
Drinking hot chocolate
Rediscovering my autumn/winter wardrobe ... and shopping for what I still need!
Watching endless movies at home
Laying under the duvet until late
Planning a city daytrip before it gets really cold
Learning to cook new delicious meals
Thinking about Christmas gifts
Enjoying the last sunny days of the year

What about you? Do you like autumn as much as I do or do you prefer some other season of the year?


  1. I love to see the leaves change colors on the trees. I don't see it that much in New Orleans, but when I visit my aunt in Cincinnati it is really prevalent. Love your pictures! They are so cute! I love this time of year! Lighting candles and hot chocolate are great. I also enjoy baking!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I also love baking but unfortunetely I don't have an oven in my current appartment. Now I'm used to it but at first I really missed baking cupcakes and brownies and cookies ...

  2. Love the pictures!

  3. There's nothing to say except AMAZING here,honey!;)


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