Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012 - Of Birthdays And Men

I know some people who totally disike their birthday. They start worrying weeks in advance about the consequences of being one year older, instead of just indulging in the pleasures of being spoilt during one very special day or focusing on the rather amazing fact that you've made another year on Earth and probably built on quite a lot of beautiful memories. I really think that these reasons are more than enough to celebrate and to be glad that, for another year, this special day has arrived. This year I've enjoyed my b'day a lot. First because I had just done my exams two days earlier, so for the first time after eight hectic weeks I could just sit on the couch, catch up with The Big Bang Theory and relax. Then, I spent four awesome days in Belgium with my boyfriend and I was really spoilt! I spent Friday window shopping in Brussels and I went to Antwerp on Saturday. And yesterday, I celebrated at home with my girlfriends in Maastricht and it was the nicest of celebrations! I cooked some Indian food and then we watched a girly movie while savouring some ice-cream and chocolates, perfect! As far as my birthday is concerned, celebrations are now over and I'm back to my books, but some other person's birthday will bring me some joy in the upcoming month. At the end of the month I'm flying to Malaga for my grandma's birthday, who's turning 97, or 98, or maybe just 96 (anyways, whichever age it is, I cannot complain about my gene pool at all, as both my grandmothers are over 95 and in top condition!). 

So, these are my thoughts for this November. Don't moan about being one year older and enjoy your b'days as much as I enjoyed mine. Now I just have to get used to the fact that I am already 28 ...

 Have a hopefully not too cold November!


  1. I so agree with you! The point is to celebrate YOU and YOUR LIFE! Many get caught up with what they should do etc. DO what YOU want! Whether big or small it should be about what you want. Excellent thought!

    1. I totally agree with you, thanks for such a good comment!
      Have a nice weekend x

  2. I always celebrate with my family and closest friends--that way it is a true celebration and so so memorable!! I could not agree with you more about not worrying oneself over being one year older!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Lauren.
      Great to read that you also enjoy celebrating such a special day :)


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