Thursday, December 27, 2012

Four Days in Basel

My time in Basel was really brief. Four days is not a long time but I tried to make the best out of it and I had a lovely holiday in Switzerland. Luckily, as I had already lived there for a couple of months I didn't feel any pressure to do lots of sightseeing and shrink a couple of trips in such a tight schedule. Instead of that, I could simply relax and sleep as much as I wanted (much needed after a month of sleep deprivation in favor of long studying evenings) and I could just enjoy the simple things that I love and miss when not in Switzerland. And I also spent four whole days of quality time with my boyfriend and his family. But back to Basel, these are some of the charms of the city that I couldn't wait to experience again!

A couple of days I went for a walk in the city. Basel is not too big and just like many medium-sized cities in Europe is very pedestrian-friendly. The city center has some lovely cobbled alleys with small boutiques and some beautiful fountains here and there. I spent some time in a furniture store (I don't remember the name) which sells lots of cute stuff waiting to serve some wonderful tea, coffee or chocolate moments.There were so many things I wished I could have! Then I lost myself in the wonderful Thalia bookstore. It may not be charming and full of character but it has 5 or 6 stores full of books, dvd's and inspiring gifts. Once again I was left hoping that my luggage was bigger and less heavy. There was also time for a short visit to the Christmas market and to wander around the small market on the Marktplatz.

Another great experience I delighted myself with was a visit to the thermal baths in Rheinfelden. I enjoyed two hours of bubbles and steamy waters with my boyfriend and I felt totally relaxed afterwards. My favourite feature of this spa complex is the Intensiv-Solobecken, a pool filled with salty water that'll help you float effortlessly and while you're drifting carelessly you can hear relaxing music underwater. Too good to be true! 

My final treat on Basel was food. There are so many delicious things to try in Switzerland that I didn't even know where to start and the lack of time didn't make it any easy to choose. Many traditional winter treats were simply dismissed because the weather wasn't cold at all and somehow I wasn't lusting them. But there was one thing I knew that I wanted to savour again, piadina! Piadina are a sort of Italian rigid crepe-a-like which are usually filled with typical Italian salamis or cheese. As I'm very picky with these kind of foods, I usually go for veggy options and my favourite is aubergine with tomato and mozzarella. It is so delicious that I went not once but twice to the Piadina Bar. And another favourite I couldn't pass by was the Mr. Wong restaurant, an Asian on the go where food is freshly wokked in front of you.

So, that was my time in Basel, great but way too short, so I'm already looking forward to being back there again! In the meantime I'll keep on enjoying every other place I live in or visit and right now it's Tenerife time. Almost three weeks of family, friends and winter sun!


  1. Happy Holidays to you! You are making me jealous with your holiday around Switzerland. I haven't been to Basel but it sounds like a lovely town.

    1. Thanks Jo!
      Basel is a lovely town and I had a really nice holidays (just a bit too short!)
      Happy 2013, I think you're already one year ahead in Australia ;)

  2. Hey Irene! You had an awesome time at both places! Good for you! You deserve that! What I like about Europe are the small and specialty shops. They're really good at whatever craft they do (baking, tailoring, deli, etc.) That's what shopping should be all about! It makes me dislike mass shopping. Small shops are more personal. Ohhhhhhhh, i bet that thermal bath was nice! Have a great weekend! I'm back from my blogging break.

    1. Thanks for all your lovely comments Kim!
      I'm also starting to dislike mass shopping and I really appreciate small shops full of crafty and cute things.
      Nice to hear you're back from your blogging break, have a nice week!

  3. Wow, 5-6 floors of books? Mozarella and tomato and aubergine together..yummy. You make me want to visit Basel someday. Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve and happy holidays :)

    1. Happy New Year's Eve to you too Arni, hope that you enjoy a wonderful celebration back in Dubai :)



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