Thursday, January 17, 2013

First day in Heerlen

When I was writing about my resolutions for this year a couple of weeks ago I didn't imagine that I would start fulfilling my wish to discover a bit more about the Belenux so soon and so close to Maastricht. To be more precise, today and in Heerlen. I had never been to Heerlen before but as I had a meeting there this morning I took sometime afterwards to wander around the streets of Heerlen and find out what's there. However, the city didn't seem so interesting nor appealing or maybe it was just too cold to stay outside for too long making a real effort to get to know it. Maybe I'll give a second chance to Heerlen some day later, hopefully some sunny spring day!

Heerlen is the second largest city in the Dutch province of Limburg (I would have never guessed!). It was founded by the Romans and it was a prosperous mining spot in the 19th century. Nowadays Heerlen is no longer an important industry center neither an interesting touristic point but its proximity to Maastricht and to the German border make it an atractive residential area. 

One of the most interesting buildings is the Glaspaleis (Glass Palace) designed by architect Frits Peutz. It now hosts the public library and it was listed under the 1000 most important buildings of the 20th century. I didn't find it that special, but 1000 buildings are too many buildings for all of them to be outstanding. Another interesting feature is the Thermenmuseum (Museum of the Thermal Baths) dedicated to a Roman bathhouse which was discovered right in the center of Heerlen.

Well, that's all about Heerlen so far. Maybe I'll find a more alluring side of Heerlen later in the spring. Or maybe not. Let me know if you know some interesting place around!


  1. well i like the fact that you at least looked at it. you never know what may come up in the future. sometimes places like that have hidden suprises that the locals know about. have a great weekend irene.

    1. I think exactly the same. You never know what you'll come across if you don't even try.
      Have a nice week Kim!

  2. It's wonderful that you stopped for a break to enjoy and take in the city after a meeting. That's a beautiful habit to keep, we tend to get carried away with the activities during a work day. Happy weekend to you :)

    1. Indeed, sometimes we focus way too much on work and forget to enjoy the simple things in life. I try my best to keep on living life to the full.
      Have a happy week you too, Arni :)

  3. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by, this is such a charming city and snow- covered it looks even more precious

    1. You're welcome!
      I thought your blog was lovely!


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