Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013: Wishing for a Happy New Year

First things first, happy new year to all of you, my dear readers! Did you have a big party with friends? Or a cosy family celebration? Whatever you did, I hope that this 2013 that has just started will be a memorable year full of magical moments and that 2013 will be the year when you decide or continue to pursue your dreams and see them coming true. And to all fellow bloggers I wish you a year full of inspiration to keep on blogging about dreamy destinations and trips, beautiful clothes, wonderful make-up or whatever you fancy, but in short, to keep on writing as many lovely posts as in 2012 about the stuff dreams are made of!

I don't know why but I'm particulary excited about the year that has just started. Maybe it's because it'll be full of changes, maybe it's because I'm looking forward to taking on some new interesting challenges, maybe it's simply because I'm in a glad moment of my existence. Whatever reason it is I am happy that a whole new year lies ahead of me and I'm looking forward to making it at least as good as 2012. And just like every other year I've taken some time to reflect upon the good and bad of last year and to write some new year's resolutions. This time I've kept my feet on the ground and I have a very down-to-earth list, so it shouldn't be terribly burdensome to achieve my goals. The most obvious are finishing my master's degree and moving out of Maastricht (and in with my boyfriend). Hopefully, these are simply bound to happen. And for the rest, this is my short list of resolutions for this year. 

  • Improve my knowledge of German: once upon a time I completed my German studies and I was fluent in German (really!) but then I moved to Antwerp, started learning Dutch and my German fluency went to hibernate somewhere in the back of my mind. While being fluent in Dutch proved very useful to find a job in Maastricht and to satisfactory integrate in the Dutch society, I think it's about time to bring my German back to the limelight. So, this yearI'll be studying German on my own with the ambitious goal of taking the C2 level exam in 2014. Ok, maybe it'll be just be level C1, we'll see ...
  • Get to know the Benelux area better: I have no clue about where I'll go next after leaving Maastricht, but just in case Brussels is not the chosen city, I want to explore more of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. I want to finally visit the Keukenhof, a wonderful park full of colourful tulips fields that just opens just two months a year. I want to dedicate some time to discover Wallonia, a part of Belgium I totally neglected when living in Antwerp. And I want to go back to Luxemburg some time and get further than Luxemburg city.
  • Complete the 365 project: a real challenge of taking a not so ordinary photo each day and build a daily photo journal for a year. I got this idea from travel blogger As the Bird flies . Let's see how far I get!
And that's all for 2013. Even though it's a small list I know it'll take lots of effort and time to complete some of them, so I decided not to overdo it this year. Do you also make a list of resolutions for the new year? If so, what's on your list?

Have a happy January and an even happier 2013!


  1. Happy 2013 Irene! You are going to ace your 2013 resolution list. I feel once you learn a language it will all come back to you again with practice. Just like learning to ride a bike, you always know. I like that you love to explore new lands, cities, and countries around you. I feel that is very important in life. We're meant to share and learn from one another. Another blogger I know did a picture a day. It was a great way to capture things she would see on a daily basis (and look at them differently). Again, you'll do well with all of these. Cheers to 2013! My list last year was more about changing things in my life (getting rid of) and this year its more about reconstruction of myself (changing my style, eating healthier, etc). Like an overhaul! HaHaHa

  2. Glückliches neues Jahr (I just looked that up on google). These are great goals for the new year and all the best, enjoying each moment in achieving them. Speaking of German, I worked for an Austrian company and my predecessor was German who's a brilliant guy but I had to use a lot of Google translate at the time because his emails and project files were all in German. (Excuse me for this random memory) Learning a new language is such a gem of an idea and I agree with what Kim said, it will all come back to you.
    Here's a toast to new adventures and foreign languages for 2013!

  3. Hola guapa, primero que todo feliz año, queria haberte escrito antes y no he podido, espero que hayas pasado unas navidades geniales.
    Irene me encantan tus propositos de año voy a seguir el de recuperar el tiempo perdido con el aleman, aunque no sere tan ambiciosa con un b1-b2 de momento me conformo, y el de la foto también me parece muy chulo, pero lo mas importante de todo disfrutar de los buenos momentos, a ver si me pongo con energía por aquí de vuelta.
    besito enorme

  4. Great goals for the year! Learning a language is very difficult but totally worth while in the end. Good for you!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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