Friday, February 1, 2013

February 2013: Follow your heart

January has been a month of mixed emotions for me. While I was really happy because it seemed I could do no wrong, I also got quite anxious because I realised that things might not quite go according to plan. I was planning to move out of Maastricht in June but now I will probably have to stay at least until beginning of August. It is a really small change but the least Spanish part of me is totally unable to cope with improvising, I really need plans and I like to stick to them. Anyways, in the end I decided to listen to my heart and realised that if there's a good reason to change plans I should just let go because I've learnt that following you heart is a key ingredient to happiness. I'm now trying to relax and to see the good in it. And oh, I made a list of all the trips I still would love to do while I'm still in Maastricht. Anyways, I'll be quite busy until June so I won't be doing much until then. This month I'm just planning to go for two days to Brussels and I might go tomorrow to Germany to check whether men's fashion is more sensible in there than in The Netherlands. Seriously. Pastel coloured shoes! With red or purple soles! And baby blue laces! Boyfriend really disappointed so we're changing shopping countries, yay!

January was an easy month to do for my 365 project. Maybe because I had almost three weeks of holidays and lots of free time to go outside and take pictures I didn't have much trouble finding something inspiring to upload everyday. And I'm already 8% done! This first month looks quite grey, as many pictures were taken outside and the weather was tipically winter. This is my favourite photo of the month, probably because it's very different to most pictures I make.

You can check my whole month here.

January has also seen my blog undergo some minor cosmetic changes, I would like to say improvements but that's up to you to judge. My best friend and my brother have been talking me lately into all the virtues of wordpress and giving plenty of reasons to move. But my heart says it isn't the right thing to do. Yet. blogging is just a hobby and I'll be having quite a full schedule in the upcoming months, so a low-maintenance and cost-free blog is currently the perfect thing for me. However, the idea is somehow growing on me and as none of them actually blogs, I would like to hear it (better say read it) straight from you, fellow bloggers. Been there? Tried both blogger and wordpress? Is wordpress really THAT cool thing? Is it worth the hassles?

So, that's all for now. Follow your heart and have a loving February!

p.s. Following my heart I also registered in Polyvore (recommended by a friend of mine) to indulge in my long forgotten fashion passion and I love it! You can find me there as Irentje.


  1. guapa no te dejes avasallar por la vena controladora que si tienes que esperar para mudarte por algo será...
    Yo tambien he oído.hablar wordpress pero la verdad q aun no me he decidido, aunque no sabia que habia q pagarlo.
    Pd yo tb tengo cuenta en polivore aunque no la uso mucho

    1. No tienes que pagarlo, hay la versión .com que es gratis y la .org que ya es pagando por compras tu propio dominio o al menos eso tengo entendido. De hecho, lo complicado que me resulta entenderlo es una de mis razones para permanecer en blogger de momento jejejeje

  2. nice to meet u really love ur post..
    If u would like we can follow each other and visit our blog , it will be a great pleasure for us to know ur view about our new blog....


    1. Thanks for your comment, I'll check your blog for sure!
      Have fun with your new blogging adventure :)

  3. I have also heard some good things about wordpress. But I'm lazy as it seems like a hassle re-doing the whole blog thing. But it's up to you. Did you create a list of the pros & cons of blogger and wordpress? Maybe that will help you decide.

    1. I'm also lazy (and very busy) at the moment. Maybe in the summer I'll think more seriously about it and I'll follow your advice and do a pros & cons list :)

  4. Well done on 365 Project. Your photos are beautiful. I'll drink to that (I'm raising my glass of orange juice) Cheers to following our hearts :)

    1. Cheers to following our hearts, that's a lovely toast :)
      I'm happy you like the photos, I've actually enjoyed a lot doing it!


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