Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paul will always remind of Lille

Have you ever heard of Paul, a French chain bakery? I love it! Paul is a popular chain of fine pâtisseries that catter many delicious typical French baked treats, as well as yummy sandwiches and salads. Paul seems to have taken Belgium by storm, or at least Brussels, as there apperas to be one in every street. Ok, maybe not that many but I've already spotted four and last Friday I treated myself to a meal in the one located in the EU district. Despite prices being higher for eating in than for taking away, I stayed in as February's chill does not invite to eat in any of the parks nearby. And when I headed inside looking for a table I was delighted to discover an extra dining-room in the back which was nicely decorated and had a very beautiful antique chimney. I first went to Paul in Lille and the thing is that every time that I spot their sober logo of black letters over a white background I'm reminded of my wonderful daytrip to Lille.

I went to Lille almost five years ago with two great girlfriends I met during my exchange year, a French girl and a Czech girl (now fellow blogger at Klara's Point). As the school year was drawing to an end we thought it'd be a good idea to take a train to somewhere further than the Belgian borders and we decided to go to Lille, in the north of France. We had a lovely sunny day in Lille. We walked around, we did some sightseeing and some shopping as well, we cought some sunrays while lying on the grass in some city park and we had a delicious lunch provided by Paul, which also introduced us to the sweet pleasure of macarons.

I don't remember that much about Lille, but I do remember that a had a lovely day with two lovely girlfriends, I remember how good macarons tasted, I remember how much we enjoyed our train trip and how happy we were about doing something together before parting our ways after a wonderful year in Antwerp. I don't remember that much about Lille but I've never forgotten how adorably snob that Paul bakery was and everytime I come across another one, no matter where, I always think fondly of Lille.

p.s. The photos at Paul were taken last Friday but photos of Lille were taken almost five years ago with my  first camera ever by a non-skilled me. Not that my skills have improved that much but back then I didn't even have a memory card for my camera, so quality of old pictures is not very good.


  1. Wow Paul, I always order Cafe Gourmand with macarons on the side whenever I go there.:) They're really good. Pretty place with lots of foodie goodies. We're lucky to have one here in Dubai. Lille was the city I almost lived in. If I didn't move to the Middle East, I was supposed to live in Lille with the husband. Your photos bring me back to a few days spent there. I see why some places have certain memories attached to them. Lovely post. Have a great week to you!

  2. Looks wonderful...gorgeous pictures. Hope to see it to one day :)) Have a marvellous week xx

  3. hey irene! i wish i could visit lillie one day. looks gorgeous. paul bakery sounds divine and scrumptious! hahaha i find it so interesting how a place can evoke so many memories. just like a song! memories to treasure. pictures may fade, but memories last a life time.

  4. No conocia Paul, pero si voy a Lille o Bélgica pasare a probar sin duda.
    Me han encantado las fotos, Lille parece precioso, los viajes con las amigas siempre son los q mas se disfrutan.
    Ah y gracias x el consejo, he cambiado la letra ya, sigo de pruebas.

  5. Hola guapa!! Un post genial!! A mi con lo que me gusta viajar....
    Por cierto, la cadena Paul es belga no francesa, jeje...a mi tb me encanta!!
    Yo estoy viviendo ahora en Shanghai y estuve viviendo en Londres y en Rio de Janeiro así que soy una trotamundos tb, maja...Adoro viajar!
    Me ha gustado mucho tu post y creo que me van a gustar tb los próximos!
    Besitos guapa

  6. wow looks like awesome places, jealous!



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