Sunday, March 24, 2013

Icons of Tenerife (& part 2): Loro Parque

A while ago I wrote about one of Tenerife's main atractions, the brand-new auditorium in Santa Cruz and now it's time for another iconic site of Tenerife, the Loro Parque. Founded 40 years ago, the Loro Parque is today a real institution in Tenerife and since you step out of the plane you're very likely to encounter its logo everywhere. At the airport, on bus stops, on highway signs and even on litter bins. You might actually think that Tenerife exists because the Loro Parque is sponsoring and not the other way round! 

When it first opened its doors the Loro Parque was just a park showing a collection of parrots from all over the world. Some of the parrots put on a show doing mathematical calculations and solving puzzles and it's been such a succes that nowadays it is a real zoo with a good share of exotic animals: dolphins, tigers, sea lions, sharks, flamingos, penguins, alligators, gorillas, and the family keeps growing year after year as the park is always investing in bringing new species to Tenerife to make the Loro Parque experience even more enjoyable. 

Loro Parque is located in Puerto de la Cruz, a touristic town in the north of Tenerife, and it can be reached on foot, it is around half an hour walk, depending from the starting point, but you can also take the free train that rides from the city center to the Loro Parque every 20 minutes. The entry fees are a bit expesive, around 30€, but I personally think that it is well worth it because the park is really beautiful. Furthermore, if you think of how much it must cost to feed all these animals (no tiger won't do with a single steak), of how many people work there taking care of the animals and making sure that everything looks perfect and the money that goes to their own foundation which donates to several environmental charities and carries out their own research to help endangered species, it is not really that expensive. Furthermore, you can now buy tickets that grant entrance not only to the Loro Parque but also to the recently opened Siam Park, a water park inspired in the old Siam empire which claims to be the biggest water park in Europe.

Out of curiosity, last year I watched the movie A Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy and I was thrilled to see that the first scene had been shot there. They tried not to show any logos but I could recognise it anyways and after doing a bit of research (thanks IDMB) I am now sure. Here you can watched the opening scene of the movie and catch a glimpse of the dolphin show at the Loro Parque.


  1. Me gustan mucho este tipo de parques así que el día que consiga visitar Tenerife no me lo pierdo, ademas que el hecho de que utilicen parte del dinero de la entrada para investigación y proteger especies en peligro es admirable.
    El video de los delfines precioso, y es que son bichejos super inteligente yo los vi en el oceanografico con nadadoras de sincronizada y era una autentica maravilla.
    Besazo y buena semana Irene

  2. Loro Parque is awesome Irene! It's amazing how they expanded. I'll try and take pictures of our local zoo to show you. Hope all is well and thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness, that tortoise! My favourite animals ever. x

  4. I would love to visit Tenerife. And this place sounds wonderful. I adore animals. And I visit the zoo at least once/twice a year.


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