Saturday, March 16, 2013

Luxembourg City

Five years ago I made a four hour trip from Antwerp to the tiny country of Luxembourg. Looking back now it seems crazy to spend eight hours on a train back and forth only to see a new city for a couple of hours but I was young and restless and, surprisingly, I would definetely do it again as I was totally mesmerized by the beauty of Luxembourg. It was love at first sight! I don't have such a good memory but in this case I remember the exact date because it was the eve of St. Patrick's day and I was delighted to end the trip joining their local celebration with beer and a band playing U2's greatest hits (who would have thought that St. Patrick's was also celebrated in a country almost owned by bankers and thought of as boring?!).

It was a Sunday and there was no need to get up to early so we arrived in Luxembourg past midday. It was a rainy day and there seemed to be no one in the streets so we could enjoy our sightseeing without any rush. Not that Luxembourg looked like a place where people would usually rush, mind you! I was first surprised by the fact that, despite it being at the border with Belgium and having quite a lot of years of common history, there was almost no resemblence between the countries. Everything looked different, from the buildings to the nature and even the pavement of the streets and I liked that! We wandered around the city center, took a look at the cathedral, main squares and the EU institutions and at some point our path crossed with the wonderful Chemin de la Corniche. I would dare to say that this promenade is the most breathtaking view of Luxembourg City. The path follows the cliffs that line the Alzette river and the views are absolutely stunning. Many lovely buildings can be seen above in the city while the path is lined with trees and further down you can see the valley surrounded by lush shades of green. At some point (I don't remember well whether this was along the Chemin de la Corniche or up in the city) you encounter the entry to the galleries that once defended the city and that sheltered many inhabitants of Luxembourg during WWII. They're open to the public now and the entry fee is really cheap so it is really worth it to visit them. Another thing that impressed me as well during my brief time in Luxembourg City was the way that you could feel the presence of wealth around. There were not so many people in the streets but teh cars parked around were all top range cars, I could really see the difference with the average Mercedes-Benz and BMW I have seen everywhere else until then. After all, Luxembourg usually comes in the top three richest countries by GDP per capita in the world.

I really would like to go back to Luxembourg some day, to visit this beautiful city again and to get to know some more of the country. Luxembourg is somehow an enigmatic country of which no one talks much about. Tiny and landlocked, it still conjures images of fairytales and I can tell you that it lives up to this image with its charming buildings and beautiful nature. Until then, I'll keep on reminiscing about this fun daytrip and enjoying my low quality photos!

Have a nice weekend and I hope that you enjoy a nice St. Patrick's day, wherever you are!


  1. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. Creo que mereció la pena, verdad? a pesar del viaje, el lugar parece precioso a juzgar por las fotos que nos muestras. Me ha encantado cuando has dado tu opinión sobre Luxemburgo como un país poblado en su mayoría por bankeros aburridos ,ajjaaj. Bsinss,wpa:)
    Que disfrutes de Saint Patrick mañana.

  3. Me encantan estos posts viajeros..Conozco Amberes pero nunca he estado en Luxemburgo, de hecho, aún no había dado con nadie que hubiera estado. Lo cierto, es que es como el gran país olvidado verdad? y lo cierto, es que por tus fotos se ve precioso!!
    Me lo apunto para el futuro :) Hay tantos sitios que descubrir sólo en Europa!
    Besitos guapaaa

  4. It's not crazy at all :D I would travel more then 8 hours just to see something new, even for a couple of hours :)

  5. Despues de ver tus fotos me encantaría ir, aunque reconozco que no me llamaba mucho la atención. Yo he alucinado con ST Patricks desde hace unos años que tuve la oportunidad de disfrutarlos con Irlandeses, y es que su emoción en este día es impresionante y contagiosa, se disfruta en todo el mundo.
    Preciosas las fotos, la penultima del caminito es mi favorita.
    Ya estoy de vuelta guapa. besito

  6. Oh wow! It's beautiful! I can definitely see why you want to go back. A treasure indeed. Worth the distance!


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