Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013: Slow Travel

"Travel with a purpose, not just to tick off experiences. Consider spending longer time in a place and really getting to know it and its people - you'll find more rewarding than dashing from place to place."
The Rough Guides

Last month I borrowed a Rough Guide from my local library and I found these words really inspiring. After all, the best part of travelling is getting to know the world we live in a little better and also get to know a bit more about ourselves. However, too many times we don't take enough time to enjoy new experiences and simply rush from one place to another. Perhaps we are too accustomed to our daily routine and it's difficult to let go, even on holidays, perhaps we're trying to do as much as possible in too little time or perhaps we're simply thrown at it by organized tour holidays. Whatever the reason, it is true that many people don't get from their travel as much as they should. I haven't travelled as much as I would like to and I have a long bucket list to go, so I would probably need a whole life of travelling to squeeze in all the places I would like to see and the things I would like to experience. But that's not possible and unfortunately I will also have to rush at some point and some places to make the most of the time I have. I know that eventually I will have to  make some painful decisions and ditch some places of my list but in the meantime I'm lucky enough to enjoy a life full of slow travel here and there in Europe. After all, that's part of the bright side of being an expat, at least in the beginning, that you're exposed to a new culture and are surrounded by so many unknown sites. There's always something new waiting to be tried, some place expecting to be discovered in the weekends and it is really exciting to to learn something new everyday. In that sense, I'm really happy for having the chance of being a slow traveller currently based in The Netherlands. Anyways, I don't think there will be much travelling going on in my life in the upcoming month of March as I'm terribly busy right now and to make things harder my mind keeps on slipping away from time to time and coming back with new travel wishes. Who knows, I might eventually give in at some point and do a short daytrip! And what about you? How do you like to travel?

Slow travel (or maybe slow life) is also reflected on February in my 365 project. Three different countries are featured on it and I suddenly found myself gazing constantly at the sky, looking for beautiful clouds. And while taking some beautiful pictures I realized that sometimes we forget to enjoy the simple things in life, like a breathtaking sunset or perfect reflections on water. So this is my favourite photo of February, cloud elephants! Do you see them too? You can see the whole month in pictures here.

And remember, March will be gone in 31 days and never return, so slow down and enjoy a wonderful month of March!


  1. Algunas veces no me aplico esto de viajar lento y percibir todo con calma y con todos los sentidos. Al igual que a ti, estas primeras líneas del libro que sacaste prestado de la biblioteca me han hecho pensar en futuros viajes y en un planning mucho más relajado. Bsins,wpa:)y gracias por pasarte a menudo por el blog.

  2. Yes, I agree!! I really need to get out and explore, have been inside too much this winter or other times so busy, but I really need to get out and have sometime seeing new places, it's great for the soul :)) Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  3. I was just reading an article from Lonely Planet about Long-term travel tips for a fulfilling trip and then I saw your post. I can't help nodding as I read your beautifully written and engaging post on slow travel. Often when traveling to a place, especially as I got older, I long for more meaningful connection to a place. I began to delete some places to visit in the itinerary in order to spend more time enjoying a place that I feel I want to stay for a much longer time. The idea of rushing from one place to another is so stressful that we tend to miss the essence of being there. That's what I like about being an expat,being able to experience different destinations one at a time.

  4. i prefer staying longer at destinations too. i think (at least here in the States) we're not given enough time off from work. you have to accrue vacation days and people look at you oddly when you take off more than a week. hahaha also, money is a factor for some people. i would love to spend a month in europe, but the cost would be astronomical. hahaha but the longer you can spend at a place the better.

  5. Me encantaría visitar los sitios de forma lenta y sosegada pero reconozco que excepto el año q vivi fuera, siempre q he ido a algun sitio nuevo me paso el viaje corriendo de un lado para otro, estresada, y al volver necesito las vacaciones aun mas que cuando me fui, imagino que es inevitable para verlo todo...aunque reconozco que me gustaria hacer las cosas de otra forma.
    besito Irene
    pd, claramente la nube grande es un elefante, que chulada!
    buena semana!

  6. It's definitely the beauty of being expat you really get to know your adopted country. I always try to convince my parents to take their travelling slow - to only go a few places but to stay they longer. But in the end they always plan these action packed itineraries!


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