Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow like never before

This morning I left home earlier than usual and I was surprised to find out that Maastricht was totally covered by snow once again this year. It has been snowing for a whole day, 24 hours non-stop, and I had never seen so much snow in Maastricht. In some places there was almost half a meter of snow! And not only was there more snow than ever before, but also snow was somehow different. It was not a white chuncky mass, today's snow was a very fine dust that danced freely in the air as the wind blew. Very thin snowflakes kept falling until this evening and the coat of snow grew thicker and thicker, but always made of this pure snow dust and I'm sure that if the sun had shone the snow would have reflected its light in a very beautiful way. I had never seen snow like this before but for some reason, this is how I always thought snow would look like.
These are some photos I took on my daily commute, hope you like them!

As I'm a bit sick I will stay inside with a cup of tea for a while but I hope you enjoy the last winter days, or even better, the first spring days. Have a wonderful week!


  1. So pretty Irene! The cold weather refuses to leave us. hahaha Beautiful pics and I hope you feel better soon doll. Being sick is no fun! Healing wishes! ((hug))

  2. Wow beautiful, but it all looks very cold! Stay warm and get well soon. :)

  3. Vaya! Yo tmpoco estoy muy acostumbrada a la nieve.Me gusta verla en las fotos pero nada más. La sensación que me causa estar en ambientes nevados no me gusta. Mucho frío, humedad, resbalones...soy más de calorcito( como tú, imagino,ejejej) Cómo lleva una chica de Tenerife estar en un sitio tan frío? Bsinss,wpa:)
    Muchíiiisimas gracias por la felicitación.Feliz finde y espero que estés totalmente recuperada muy pronto.


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