Monday, April 15, 2013

A traintrip across Germany

There's something very appealing about train journeys. Perhaps it's the old-fashion allure that surround traintrips, perhaps it's the fact that you can simply drop at any time in any train station and take (almost) any train to any destination you fancy or perhaps it's the charm of many a encounter by chance that could take place in a lengthy journey (think of Before Sunrise). I love train trips and I'm always excited just at the possibility of taking a train that would take me on a wonderful journey. Yesterday I came back from Switzerland and I had 6 hours of train ahead of me so I took my camera out to take some pictures and an old lady sitting opposite me looked at me and said 'Good idea on such a wonderful day! It had never occurred to me'. The lady didn't seem to mind my bad German nor to be bothered that I didn't follow her conversation steadily and she showed me some photos she made and a paper cut about her. She had started  taking photos back in the 40s when she was just a girl and now, at 83 she is still being featured in local exhibitions in her hometown Koblenz and other German towns. What a lovely and inspiring elder lady! In Kblenz we did part ways, as she stepped out of the train and I was left wishing that I will still be travelling and photographing the world at 80 just like she does!

These are some snapshots of my train journey yesterday that took me from Basel to Maastricht all over through Germany, stopping at Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Mainz, Koblenz and Bonn and then changing trains in Cologne and Aachen. The sun was shining and the blooms seemed to be finally blooming, just like they're meant to in spring. There was still some snow near Freiburg and many trees coveres by white and lila flowers. And the trail was especially beautiful between Mainz and Koblenz, when the train was zigzagging along the Rhine.

While on the go I listened to my favourite German singer, Xavier Naidoo, who has a very soft, beautiful voice and writes really touching lyrics. This is probably my favourite song from him, Abschied nehmen. Very sad but, oh, so beautiful!

I am now the happy owner of a 25 Bahncard, which means that I can travel with 25% discount on the German rail network during a year so I am already indulging in the thought of many a trip I would do around Germany, or at least around the neighbouring land of North-Rhine-Westefalia. I am really looking forwrd to having some free time and take a train to discover more of the charms of Germany. And what about you? Do you also like train trips? Or do you prefer other transport form?


  1. I like how you've captured the landscape while on the train. Listening to good music and unexpectedly meeting someone on a trip just makes it even more memorable. Serendipity..It's like the future, the art of photography beckoning you.

    1. Yes, some people may be there for just a moment but they make those moments really special. That's the beauty of life :)

  2. Irene, thank you for showing the pictures you took. They are beautiful! I would love to take a train one day. There's so much to see. Been on many airplanes, but never a train. That old lady was AWESOME! I love to see people with passion. It's like she was an angel (photography inspiration) that perched next to you for a trip. It maybe a sign or message!!! You never know!

    1. I'm happy to share :)
      We don't have trains in Tenerife so I have never been on a train before my 20s but it is a really nice way of travelling and you get to enjoy the landscape more than from high-flying planes! So, hopefully you'll experience it soon!

  3. Me encantan los viajes de tren, los trends tienen ese toque romántico que los hace incomparables con cualquier otro modo de transporte.
    Me alegro que disfrutarás del viaje y mas en una compañía tan interesante...te ha faltado la historia de un asesinato :P como si fuera el Orient Express..aprovecha ese bono q acabas de sacarte e inventate una historia para mi la próxima vez...jajajaja.
    Besote y buen finde!

    1. jajajjaja me ha encantado tu comentario :)
      A mí tb me encantan los viajes en tren, tienen algo especial.
      Espero que pases un fin de semana genial, besito!

  4. Replies
    1. hehehe good to know!
      I want to travel more myself :)


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