Monday, April 1, 2013

April 2013: The things to come ...

Warning - This post contains some details about the first and second season of Game of Thrones

Last month I became seriously addicted to Game of Thrones. That Daenerys "the Stormborn" Targaryen have cast a powerful spell on me and I sorrowed with her when she lost her husband, I was filled with hope when her dragons were born and I feared the worst when she was betrayed in the city of Qarth. But right now I'm really expectant about what will happen next and wishing that she will make it to the Iron Throne. Yesterday was finally the day when the third season started, so the first thing I will do once I've done the exam I have to take this wednesday will be to catch up with GoT.

And just like that, that things that are bound to happen eventually happen, I am also expectant about all the things to come in the next months when I finally finish my studies and leave Maastricht. I don't know yet where I'll be going or what I'll be doing but I'm really looking forward to it, whatever it is. But until then I still have a couple of things to accomplish here and also some places left to see, so I will do my best to enjoy my last four months here as much as possible.

Last month was a not so easy month for my 365 project as I spent too much time at home and too little outside. It was cold, I was sick and I also deliberately locked myself inside to study so I was short on inspiration for many days. Still, this is the first time that I have more than one favourite photo so it's been a difficult task to pick just one to show here, but this is it.

A serene snowy landscape, I love the lines and the stillness. Now that spring seems to be finally on its way, I will miss the snow but anyways, I'm already looking forward to wearing summer dresses again on sunny days! You can view my whole month of March here.

Finally, I'm happy not only because the end of this burden called MSc study is drawing near, but also because after a month without leaving Maastricht I am planning some daytrips again. This month I will be visiting the famous tulip fields in Holland and also spend some days in Switzerland (well, at least that's the plan but maybe I'll have to reschedule it if the weather turns nasty). And what about you? Are you already making plans to enjoy the nice weather outside? Are you also addicted to GoT? Or do you have some other series to suggest?

Hope you had a happy easter and wish you an even happier April!


  1. Hey Irene! I'm really excited for you and your upcoming adventures. Ohhhh please take plenty of pics of Holland and Switzerland. I never get to see much of those areas. I have one reader that does and hers are exquisite. We have a Strawberry Festival coming up. If the weather cooperates I may go to that. Hopefully I will spend more time outdoors. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Kim! I will try to take as many pics as I can!
      A Straberry Festival sounds good (it made me think of The Beatles and Strawberry Fields) So hope the weather is good enough for you to enjoy it and share it :)

  2. Daenerys is my favorite character in Game of Thrones- I'm also hooked. I like Arya Stark too. Looking forward to see your day trips. Have a wonderful time enjoying spring outdoors :)

    1. Arya Stark is my second fave! I'm really curious about what's going to happen to her in the third season :)

  3. Yo tmb sigo la serie. Me han dicho que los libros están muy bien, a ver si me animo. Mi encanta el personaje de Daenerys. Estoy deseando ver la tercera temporada a ver qué pasa. Bsins,wapa:)

    1. Uff, no me imaginaba que Daenerys fuese tan popular!
      Yo tb quiero leer los libros algún día, pero de momento estoy con El Hobbit en mis ratos libres.

      Que pases un buen fin de semana, Pilar!


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