Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Orange celebration in Maastricht

Today was the day when the Netherlands dresses in orange and go crazy partying in the streets. Every year on 30th April, the Netherlands celebrates its national day and as I told you yesterday today was even more special because the prince Willem-Alexander was crowned King of the Netherlands. I followed the whole ceremony on tv and I can tell you that it was amazing! Solemnity, contained emotions, but also affection from the people, some other emotions not so hidden and many a beauitful dress! Even the sun was shining all afternoon in Amsterdam to greet the new king and queen. But besides the official events that were programmed for the coronation, the party carried on in the streets as usual. The streets were vibrant with music, people wore every orange item they own and spent a relaxed day in every city and town of the Netherlands. And Maastricht was not exception to that. Big screen had been placed in 't Vrijthof, Maastricht's main square, to follow live every minute of the ceremony in Amsterdam, there were concerts and a big thrift markt in the park. During Queen's Day everyone is allowed to sell in the streets everything that is no longer useful to them and this year the park was totally crowded and packed with piles of clothes, porcelain items laying on the floor and many cupcakes with orange icing. And there were even more people taking a look around, I don't remember having seen so many people last year!

Maastricht may not be Amsterdam but still, I wanted to show you some pics of this very special day in the Netherlands. Furthermore, this is the last year that the Queen's Day is celebrated, as from 2014 onwards it'll be the King's Day and it will be celebrated on 27th April, the date of the new king's birthday. So, if the Netherlands is on your wish list and you want to experience one of the best street party ever while enjoying a sudden immersion into the Dutch culture, you know when to book your holidays!


  1. Thanks for sharing these Irene! I love all of the artwork and pretty tea cups and saucers. The prints are so pretty. A celebration indeed.

    1. Nicely shared :)

      There were actully many beautiful things in the street markets, it was actually fun to stroll around!

  2. It looks like a grand yet heartfelt celebration. The large collection of artwork brings me back to amazing street artists in Europe. I had to control myself from applying as their apprentice because it's fascinating watching them work.

    1. True, some places in Europe really have interesting street artist making beautiful paintings and drawing in a very underrated fashion.
      Maybe one day it'll be you taking wannabe artists as apprentice (not in a straat, of course) :)


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