Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#100: A Hundred Happy Things

Sunday brunching in the sun * Chocolate eggs * Blooming trees * Holding hands with Boyfriend * A feel-good film * Picnic in the park * Finishing my work-out routine * Getting top grades for a test * Hearing good news from people I love * Singing out loud * Skype with my little brother * Smiling * A good glass of wine * Taking beautiful pictures * 80s and 90s anime * Meeting new, interesting people * Cake at work * TENERIFE * Clean and crisp bed linen * Lavender scent * A Guiness for St Paddy * Dreams come true * An unexpected present * Nicely shaped clouds * Long weekends

Strawberries for breakfast * Cherries * Strawberries any time * Swimming in the ocean * Star gazing * Travel plans * Daytripping with the perfect companion, usually my boyfriend * Sundresses * Dancing to anything Usher or Cheryl (Cole) * Late evenings with great friends * Open-air cinema * Watching The Simpsons' oldies but goodies * A fresh summer parfum * A gorgeous sunset * Well-behaved hair, which is rarely the case * Painting my toe nails * Mountains (they remind me of my home island) * Speaking a foreign language * A first kiss * Treasured memories * Blue skies * A 70% off label in the summer sales * Walking barefoot * Early sunshine on my window * Nature wonders 

Walking over fallen leaves * Watching the rain pour from my window * A good lie-in in the weekends * Ice-cream when it's chilly * A hearty home-made meal * Looking at old photo albums * Bellydancing * A warm cup of tea with a biscuit * Autumn's thousand colours * Pumpkin cream * Learning something new * Writing * Rainbows * Coming back home * Any painting by Magritte * Piano playing * Hiking * Childhood friends * A stranded beach * Me-time * Hearing the waves crashing * A listening ear and a shoulder to lean on * Watching my favourite football team score and win * Series DVD sets for rainy evenings (Friends anyone?) * The smell of the countryside

Hot chocolate * The first snow of the season * Christmas decorations * Wrapping gifts * Homemade biscuits * Ice-skating * A good book * Meaningful conversations * Receiving a letter or postcard from friends * Sending Christmas cards to friends who are far away * LOVE * Baking cupcakes or brownies ...  simply baking anything *  Knitted scarves * Scented lip balms * Dim lights in a cosy room * Roasted chestnuts * Waking up to a white landscape * Staying in * Movie nights with Boyfriend * Winter coats * Sci-fi stories * Lenghty dinners in good company * Thermal baths * Feeling accomplished by the end of the year * Wishing for an even happier new year

Wow, writing a hundred happy things! This has been quite a difficult task but a very rewarding one! I've been struggling for a week to reach humber 100 but at the same time I've realized that there are many simple things that make me happy on a daily basis. I've also learnt that food makes me considerably happy and that I'm more and more drawn to all the beauty mother Earth has to offer. 
Writing down a hundred happy things has been a good challenge for my creative writing skills, so maybe you'd also like to give it a try. Let me know if you do so and share you link on a comment.

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. No las he contado pero cuantas cosas te hacen feliz y qué bonito te ha quedado el post.Es estupendo poder sentirse así con cosas tan sencillas, verdad,Irene?
    Te puedo confirmar que estas dotada como escritora.Bss,wapa

    1. jajaja muchas gracias, Pilar! La verdad que aunque fue difícil escribir 100 cosas, sólo el hacer la lista ya pone una sonrisa en la cara de pensar en tantos buenos recuerdos :)
      Un beso!

  2. That's so awesome Irene! HaHaHa I bet you did learn a lot about your self. What a pretty picture of you.

    1. hehehe I did learn some things indeed :)
      Even though it wasn't an easy post it was fun to write it!

  3. I love this idea! I need to create a list like this. :)

  4. Great challenge and a brilliant idea! You look so beautiful and happy in the photo.

    1. Thanks, Arni! I took this photo the last time I went to Amsterdam with some friends who came to visit. It was a really nice and happy day :)


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