Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013: Switzerland Inspiration

Every first of August Switzerland celebrates its national day. I have never been there on that dat yet so I cannot tell you much you about it - actually I cannot say anything at all. But as I'm moving there in just two days maybe next year I'll have some interesting stories to tell about the way the Swiss folk display their national pride. In the meantime, I've decided to put some Switzerland-inspired videos together that probably sum up Switzerland's most cliche images.

Heidi! That tender orphan who moves to the Swiss mountains with her grandfather and enjoys a serene existence in the Alps with her grumpy grandpa, her friend Peter and the many animals that live with them until she´s taken away to the city to receive an education and befriend Clara. I never really liked that cartoon series as I always found Heidi to be a dull girl. Based in one of the most successfull Swiss novels of all times, this is the opening of the cartoon series, in German to make it sound a bit more genuine.

The Big Bang Theory, a big favourite of mine. Valentine's Day is drawing nearer and as Leonard is given the chance to visit the CERN facilities and the large hadron collider in Geneve he decides it's about time to spend the first loved-up valentine's of his life. He asks Penny to join him on a romantic trip to Switzerland but Sheldon will not make things easy for the couple.

Switzerland and its infamous banks. Many blockbusters have been partially located in Switzerland, including several Bond films, Angels and Demons (again at the CERN facilities) or The Bourne Identity. It might disappoint you to know that the sleek Swiss bank agent Jason Bourne visits doesn't exist in reality and the scenes in Zurich were not even filmed in Switzerland but in the Czech Republic. But Matt Damon is still in it, anyways!

The next video is a short ad by Switzerland's official tourism board. Every now and then they come with really funny videos to promote their small country outside their borders. This is one of those videos and eveytime I watch it I wish I was holidaying anywhere in Switzerland.

Finally, a tv ad from one of Switzerland's main supermarket retailers. When I was living in Switzerland a couple of years ago this would ad was always on tv and it always put a mile on my face. So sweet!

Enough with videos for a while. It is already August and I can't hardly believe how far this year is rushing toward the next one. I can't believe either that my time in the Netherlands has finally come to an end. August will be a very busy month as I'm driving in two days to Basel with Boyfriend. And by the end of the month I'm flying to Tenerife to visit my family. Two and half weeks of holidays, bring it on! I'll try to make myself feel as much at home as possible in Switzerland in the upcoming weeks but I'm afraid that I won't be fully settled until later this year. Still, this is a move I'm really looking forward to!

My 365 project is still very much alive and I'm excited about chaging locations and adding some novelty to my photos. Last month wasn't a particulary easy one as at some point my camera decided to stop functioning. And not at any point but the day before going to Amsterdam and  right the moment I sat down in a lovely Indonesian restaurant with some friends and I wanted to take some pictures of the exotic parasols hanging from the ceiling and colourful mats on the table. A week later my camera came back from its impromptu holidays but I'm finding it hard to forgive that. This is my favourite photo of July, a lovely vintage shop I came across one day in Maastricht. It is called Retro & Chic and was full of pretty dresses, classic shoes and eye-catching scarves with French chançons playing softly in the background. Really delightful! You can check my whole month here.

Have an inspiring August!


  1. En serio que no te gusta Heidi?en mi infancia era todo un clásico.Espero que nos puedas contar mas cosas de esta celebración en próximos Poete o ...el año que viene.Bss,Irene:-)

    1. jejeje ya ves, tb fue un clásico de mi infancia, aunque ya más lejano, pero yo siempre fui más de Marco :)

  2. Oh wow, you're moving to Switzerland. I'm so excited for you. I enjoyed watching each of the video posts. Now I'd have to see Bourne Identity series again. I've never really followed Big Bang Theory despite the numerous suggestions and recommendations from friends. After watching that short video, I'm now re-considering. The coop advert is so sweet :) I'm off to check your previous posts that I have missed.

    1. Yep, just moved, still getting used to it.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the videos and I also recommend The Big Bang Theory, I always laugh so much when I watch it! It's one of my favourite series ever :)

  3. It's a beautiful photo Irene! HAHAHA I watched The Bourne Identity. I always here about the Swiss Banks here in the States. I can't wait to hear about your adventures there. It's going to be new and exciting. Have a great weekend!

    1. I always hear about Swiss banks everywhere but I don't really know what the fuss is all about ...
      Have a wonderful week, Kim!


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