Friday, August 9, 2013

... Hello, Basel!

Basel, my new home. Somehow so similar to Maastricht and yet so different. Both are small cities right at the heart of Europe. Both Basel and Maastricht lie at the border of Switzerland and the Netherlands respectively and have a cosmopolitan feel to them. Basel and Maastricht are actually quite close, around 600 Km from one to another, and yet they're so far from each other. Maastricht was a quiet, charming town where people enjoyed a relaxed existence while Basel, with only 50000 inhabitants more, looks like a proper city with people running busy from home to work and from cafés to home. Traffic lights are not a rarity in Basel, cars drive all throughout the city and there are even trams, quite a lot of trams, and buses as well. There are supermarkets in almost every corner and museums abound. Cultural activities seem to have a very important place in Basel as hundreds of posters announce dozens of upcoming concerts and exhibitions and there are at least a handful of multi-screen cinemas. People, especially youngsters, do not seem afraid to let their personality shine through their clothes. Everyone wears whaterever they feel like, from sexy to laid-back and preferably with some Louis Vuitton or Longchamp candy in their arms. Even if some go really OTT or totally underdressed it's kind of refreshing to see so much individuality, unlike in Maastricht where almost everyone seemed to wear the same style of clothes, always on the safe side. Luckily for me, some of the things I most appreciated from my life in Maastricht stay the same in Basel. People might work a bit more here but they still enjoy their life the best they can. As soon as the sun begins to shine everyone rushes outside to pack a place in some terrace. Or even better, they go for a swim in the Rhine. Locals also know how to relax and sport regularly or indulge in art treats and delicious dining outside. And the food is sooo tasty - and I'll really have to keep an eye on my diet.

Last week was a weird one. I arrived in Basel last Saturday and even though I'm more than happy to be here I'm finding it quite hard to settle in. I think my clothes won't leave my suitcase for a while, probably until Boyfriend and I find THE apartment to move in together, and now I'm really stressing about my job-hunting. But at the same time, I'm really in the mood for holidays and I know that I won't be doing any effective search until I come back from holidays in September. So, until then, I'll try my best to enjoy Basel, even if I'm spending this weekend alone. Here are some photos I've taken during this first week back in Basel.

Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments in all my recent posts. They mean a lot to me and lift my spirits when I'm feeling a pale shade of blue. And it always makes me happy to know that you enjoy dropping by Away from Tenerife.
Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. i love moving into new cities- there's so much exploring potential! and it looks like you've already started poking around :) though apartment and job hunting is the absolute worse- it just carries too much stress. i wish you all the luck in the world :D

    xo marlen
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  2. Irene, it's pretty! Glad some things are similar. It won't take you long to figure what is not. Just embrace & enjoy! Also good luck with your job search doll.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it won't take too long to find a job.
      It is indeed very pretty, one of the most beautiful cities I've seen so far :)

  3. It's nice to see that you're settling in well in Basel. I like the fact that work-life balance is observed there. It's a city that has always intrigued me because of its art scene and exhibitions.

    1. Yes, I think that nowadays Basel is quite renowned within the art world - it has an amazingly high number of museums!
      I also appreciate the balance between work and personal life, especially coming from a country where such a balance is almost non-existant.
      Have a wonderful week, Arni!


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