Monday, August 19, 2013

My camera upgrade

Two years ago I took a photography course and I used to borrowed my dad's DSLR camera for the practice sessions. Even though most my first photos were totally blank because I wasn't able to choose the right combination of shutter speed and aperture, I had so much fun and I quickly fell in love with that beauty. But my joy was soon to be over, as I left Tenerife barely a month after the course and I was left with my plain point-and-shoot digital camera. I found it hard to go back to my old camera and to take simple pictures without the possibility to control the speed, the light or anything that would give me some control over the creative process. I wasted a couple of weeks in Switzerland and a great month in the Netherlands during which I didn't take almost any photos. I blamed it on the weather, but truth is I was kind of heartbroken and I knew that my photography wouldn't get any better, as I would forget most of what I had learnt in the previous months.

Now, two years laters and after months of saving and weeks researching the market and asking friends and family I'm finally the owner of my very own DSLR camera. I first planned to buy it while still on the Netherlands but warranty issues delayed my purchase and this weekend I went for it - and mind you, I even managed to save enough for a camera bag as it was cheaper here in Switzerland thanks to the Swiss franc being so strong right now!

I bought a DSLR Nikon, which I even feel that it's too much for me at the moment. But after having read quite a lot and gathered more than enough opinions I thought it'd be better to get something as good as I could afford than saving now and be willing to change again in a couple of years. Besides, as the one I got  might be out of the market any time soon, prices were quite low and the difference with low range DSLR was not that big actually, so it was probably the time to make this investment.

Anyways, that don't mean that I will stop using my trusted and beloved point-and-shoot. In fact it is the only camera I'm taking with me tomorrow for my two weeks holiday in Tenerife (I can always borrow my dad's camera there to practice). Point-and-shoot cameras are a lot more handy as you can slip them in your bag without much care and are the right thing for a night out with friends - at least for a clumsy me! And don't believe me when I said that photography skills don't get any better with them, there's still a lot to be learnt with a plain point-and-shoot camera. Most of the photos I've published in Away from Tenerife were taking my digital compact Fujifilm and I'd like to think that in the past two years I've improved a bit, specially when it comes to composition, and I've also tried to make the best use of natural light. And if you want some ideas to improve your photography skills with a basic camera, like the Fuji I have, here are some ideas from some talented ladies who take amazing photos.

Hope you enjoy these reads and let me know if you have some further advice or interesting posts.
Have a lovely week!


  1. Irene, CONGRATULATIONS doll! You are going to love it! I need to take a photography course. I have a DSLR Canon and I know I'm not using it to it's full potential. HAHAHA I haven't used it in months. Just been using my cell phone. I need to click on all of those links! I need all the help I can get. Yours is a beauty! Again, congrats and enjoy doll.

    1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Even though this grown-up camera is something I was sooooo looking forward to, I feel kind of lazy to start using it. After all, phone cameras and compact digital cameras are so handy and easy to use. and most of the times the get the right photo right at the first shot! I'm also getting some help and inspiration now from books and posts from talented bloggers!
      Hope you also start having fun with your camera soon, Kim :)

  2. Vaya pedazo de cámara que te has comprado!! cómo me gustaría a mí saber un poquito más de fotografía. Suerte que la vas a sacar el máximo partido con ese curso que hiciste. Ahora a echar muchas fotos .Bss :)

    1. jejeje bueno, se hará lo que se pueda. La verdad que es algo para lo que llevaba tiempo ahorrando y que me hacía mucha ilusión. Ahora sólo espero seguir teniendo tiempo para practicar cuando empiece a trabajar, que ojalá no tarde mucho en encontrar algo en Suiza :)
      Beso para tí tb!


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