Thursday, September 12, 2013

My five essentials for a comfortable flight

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post this post about my flight phobia and shared some tips which have helped me throughout the years and make me look as if I had everything under control, even though I might be terrified on the inside. I am happy and thankful for all the reactions and advice I received in return and I thought it might be worthy to complete that talk with some more advice on how to enjoy a flight once the fear has been overcome. I'm not a frequent flyer but I've flown all my life regularly - I was less than two months old when I was first put onboard - so I know a thing or two about enduring flights, airports and delays. Preparation is key and there are some essential items that can make any journey more bearable, and even enjoyable. Here's my top five.

A pashmina or fine scarf: I'm addicted to scarves to the point of hardly ever leave home without one and this is even more true when flying. I like rolling my scarf around my neck but a large scarf will double up as a cover or even serve as soft pillow. I bought the one in the photo in H&M during the sales and not only was it a bargain but it is incredibly soft and made sure that I had a nice sleep during my last holidays.

A magazine: I usually go for fashion magazines as they will keep me busy for hours and feast my eyes with glossy pictures of beautiful things - great to keep my mind away from the 10000 m that separate me from the solid ground. Most of the time I buy some magazine in the airport but if I want a particular one I may buy it in advance to avoid disappointment if it's sold out at the airport.

Some lip balm: This is another thing I'm addicted to and I will always have one with me, no matter if I'm going for dinner, to the beach, hiking or simply staying in. My lips dry easily and I feel the constant need to dab a bit of balm on my lips. The dry air inside an aircraft only makes it worse and a lip balm is kind of a life saver to me. And as quirky as it sounds, certain scents can be very relaxing as well.

A hand cream: Same as before, my hands get really dry when flying and it is always nice to treat them to a quick massage while applying some hand cream. Especially after washing them in the toilets (seriously, cabin dry air + airplane water is a terrible combination for any skin type) and just before landing. I guess that face moisturizer would also be an essential in long-haul flights, but as I've never flown longer than five hours I've never brought any in my handbag.

My iPod: Listening to music can really calm me down and it also makes sleeping easier for me, especially while there is still daylight flooding the room. Besides, this is the perfect companion for long queues in the airport and endless waiting for delayed flights. Just make sure the battery is fully loaded before leaving.

This is my list of essential, but there are of course many other things which I always carry with me when I'm traveling by plane. A bottle of water is probably even more important than the five things mentioned above, but because it must be bought after passing the security check, I no longer view it as an essential (and I think if I got terribly sick or was about to pass out any stewardess would offer me a glass of water. I guess. I hope. Maybe I still have to much faith in humanity). It is also good to have a couple of snacks at hand, even though I don't really eat that much while flying. Usually a packet of biscuits will do for me, though I do miss the times when you were served a full meal at airplanes. My camera is always with me as well and I really enjoy taking photos when taking off or landing whenever I have a window seat. Paper tissues is another thing I try not to forget as I tend to sneeze very often on planes. And of course, I always double-check that my passport and ID card are in my bag.

Is there something you always take with you when traveling? What are your essential items for a comfortable flight? Feel free to leave a link to your blog if you write or have written a similar post, I'd love to take a look at them!

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Te veo preparadísima con este kit de viaje,jeejej!!Cómo me gusta la Instyle, es junto con Elle mi revista favorita. Se parece mucho a mi propio equipo de viaje. Bss, Irene:)

    1. jejeje a mí tb me gusta mucho la InStyle últimamente y la Elle siempre tiene cosas interesantes, y es mi favorita para los especiales de tendencias de septiembre y marzo :)

  2. Irene, you covered it girl! Those are the same things I carry. I also carry mints, gum, or antacid in case I get an upset stomach. LOL

    1. hehe I think it was quite a basic kit :) I also carry some sweets with me and sometimes gum as well.


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