Monday, October 14, 2013

Lovely Blog Award

I was feeling a bit under the weather this morning. I was still in bed but I could hear the rain pouring outside, so I was already dreading getting up. But I did, I worked out for 20 minutes (yesterday I started to work out regularly again and, ouch, do my legs ache!) and after taking a shower and having breakfast I checked my mail and blog and found a nice surprised that brightened my day and even took that annoying rain away. Pilar at Petit Colibri had just nominated me for a Lovely Blog Award. Wow, I was gobsmacked! I had never received any sort of prize or recognition for my blog and I'm very happy that this award came from Pilar, who is one of my favourite fashion bloggers and Spanish, just like me. If you don't know her yet, go over to Petit Colibri, take a look at her sober and stylish outfits and don't forget to say hiya. What I like most about her blog is that 99% of the times she wears clothes I would wear myself and that her style is quite similar to mine, so she's a great inspiration! And every Sunday she leaves fashion aside to talk movies and I really enjoy that feature and am always curious to see which film she will recommend for the week (and once again, we have quite similar tastes when it comes to movies). In fact, her movie posts are the only reason I check my reading list on Sundays.

Now, back to the Lovely Blog Award, these are the rules: 

Thank and follow the blogger who nominated you for this lovely award.
Share seven random facts about you with your readers.
Nominate 20 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and let them know they've been nominated.
Finally, pop over and say hi to the other 19 bloggers who share this Lovely Blog Award with you.

So, here we go! 

Seven random facts about me ...

You might be surprised because I seem to talk (better say write) a lot around the blogosphere but I'm painfully shy.
I really do think that Tenerife is the most beautiful place on Earth, closely followed by the Alps.
I'm definitely a morning person and prefer staying in to going out.
I did mathematics olympics but failed gymnastics at high school (there, soooo embarrasing!)
If I didn't have to worry about money nor care for making a living, I would travel full-time. I would start driving around Australia for a year and then see where the wind takes me.
I'm a big daydreamer. And I have no plans to change that any time any soon.
I can speak five languages (Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French) and I am currently learning Russian. I once started self-learning Icelandic and I'd like to continue one day.

And the nominees are ...

One of my favourite bloggers, Arni tells inspiring life stories and adventurous travel tales from past and present journeys.

Ashley dreams of traveling the world and blogs about her trips and adventures at home. She takes many, many photos and is preparing a trip to Switzerland (sounds pretty much like me).

Katrin shares random pieces of her world and her heart, sometimes from the US, sometimes from Germany and always looking for new adventures.

Elizabeth has a penchant for writing and taking photos with a roll camera. I like the vintage feel of her pics and reading her reflections on daily life.

I only discovered Rowdy Fairy recently but I fell in love with it instantly. Tania writes about everything and anything and has some interesting travel posts with great pics.

Alice documents her life in Sydney with lovely pics and insightful thoughts. I love popping over to cure my Australia wanderlust.

Allison has just packed her all her stuff on shore and moved onto a boat with her husband to sail the world - or at least the American coast. She blogs about this upcoming adventure and more.

Megan takes a break in her hectic life to blog about past travels, her love for books and everything in between.

Well, that was the list. I didn't make it to 20 nominees but I decided that I would rather stick to the rule of less than 200 followers and keep the list short and sweet. 
Once again, thanks for this Lovely Blog Award.
Have a lovely day and a lovelier week!


  1. Aww, you are so sweet! Thanks so much for nominating me! I am honored! It really means a lot to me. :) I am glad we found each other in the blogging world!

  2. Irene, congratulations on your award! Your blog is lovely and so are you doll! Your writing is so superb, you should be an author. You would be very good at it. Your words flow with ease and eloquence. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. I think the best writers are quiet. They don't have much to say. They take what they're thinking & seeing and write it down. Wishing you a lovely week my friend and thank you so much for your kind words. ((hug))

  3. Dios Mío!! Eres tan original que definitivamente las agraciadas con el premio lo tienen muy difícil para superar tu post, como me has sorprendido!! Lo único que no me ha sorprendido es que seas tímida, creo que las personas tímidas tenemos un vínculo especial con nuestro propio blog, es como una vía de escape al mundo. Feliz semana, querida amiga y felicidades por tu premio.

  4. I always love getting to know bloggers more this way. Congrats on your lovely award and thanks for sharing about new bloggers for me to check out. /Madison

  5. dont you love waking up to good news? it's the best motivation to get out of bed!
    congrats on your award, lovey!
    xx Corinne

  6. Thank you so much for the nomination! I'm honored! I'm also looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs that you listed. I love that you included a little description of each one, it makes me curious to read more about them. I am so impressed that you can speak 5 languages! Wow! I tried to learn Spanish and Italian (along time ago), but I find it so easy to get them confused. :) Congrats on your award, too!

  7. Me alegro que te haya gustado el premio, Irene!! hoy ya no puedo( hoy ha sido un día de mucho trabajo ...) pero estoy deseando pasarme por estos blogs que has nominado porque seguro que son muy interesantes. A mí me encanta el sonido de la lluvia cuando estoy en la cama, ejeje, especialmente los fines de semana que no tengo que madrugar. Bss, wpa:)

  8. Thanks so much for nominating me (and congratulations on being nominated yourself). I love tags like this, it's so fun to learn new things about the bloggers behind the blog! Speaking five languages is amazing, by the way, so accomplished! I will definitely check out the other bloggers you've listed, too :)

    Hope you are well (and Barcelona was just amazing, I am so sad to be home!) xxx

  9. haha "many, many photos" is right! I am so SO honored. Thank you!!! I can't wait to check out all these other blogs. You definitely deserved this award. Thanks again!

  10. Congrats on the award and thank you so much for the nomination! :) I'll check out the other bloggers now. Have a great week!


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