Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shades of Autumn in Basel

I still remember my early lessons of natural sciences at primary school. I was taught that in autumn leaves turn yellow and fall from the trees; that trees endure cold winters naked to bloom later when spring comes; and during the summer their fruit grow ripe to be harvested before another autumn begins. All of these sounded too alluring but I had never witnessed it myself so I had no idea of how autumn really looked like, except for the drawings in my primary school books. I would have to wait for 15 years to actually see it with my own eyes.

I was living in Antwerp when I first saw leaves falling from their trees. I was mesmerized by this magic show that nature puts on with the change of seasons and had this kind of aha-moment in which I realized that my primary teachers were actually right and seasons do change. From that moment and for a year my camera and I became inseparable. We would go together everywhere and I captured many, many times the beauty of autumn, the stillness of winter, the joy of spring and the energy of summer, all of them so different!

Fallen leaves, first snows, blossoming trees and late sunsets, I love watching the seasons change and I don't think I will ever get enough of it. My camera and I still go together almost everywhere and I still enjoy taking hundreds of photos reflecting the change of seasons. And today was one of those perfect autumn days to go out and get some nice pictures done.

Hope you enjoy these autumnal pics!
Have a lovely Tuesday!

p.s. Did you spot the ferris wheel? Autumn fair is coming to town! Two weeks of lights, rides and sweet and savoury snacks. Yay!


  1. jejeej, claro! en Tenerife tiene que ser totalmente distinto el paso de las estaciones. A mí el otoño me encanta, es mi estación favorita. Se llena todo de colores brillantes y alegres: amarillos, rojos, marrones...Bss, Irene y disfruta del otoño.

  2. When leaves turn, it's so beautiful! I don't much of that transformation here, but when I visit my aunt in Ohio it's BLISS.

  3. Oh wow, I love all our pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! Fall is definitely my favorite season and I love to see all the colorful leaves!

  4. this is such a lovely post dear! I so like all the photos in this post. Already excited to see your future posts.

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  5. Me encantan las fotos! que pasada!
    una de las cosas que más echo de menos de Londres ahora que vuelvo a estar en Barcelona son los árboles de colores de los parques cambiando de color, el frío y el olor a invierno que aquí no se ve por ninguna parte!jeje

    Me ha encantado tu blog! un besito!

    And the autumn fair sounds so awesome. Jealous :)

  7. Beautiful pics! I am experiencing my first ever 'real' Autumn and am loving it. I just wanted to jump in all of the leaves - so cool!


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