Saturday, October 26, 2013

Turning 29

Uh-oh, today is the day. The day that this petite blogger is officially turning one year older. The day that I'm starting my 29th year on this world. Can't believe I'm already starting the last year of my twenties ... where did this decade go to? Seriously, I have the feeling that the past nine years have just flown by and yet so much has happened in between. I went to study abroad for a year, graduated at uni and even got a master's degree later (this july, to be precise). I've changed jobs, countries and even boyfriends. I've partied hard and then lighter, as I've aged. I've pursued my passions all the way, traveling as much as I could around Western Europe and learning a couple of new languages. And I've also taken up some new hobbies along the way, like photography and cooking. Yep, the twenties were fun if very average, I guess. But hey, I still got one year to go before hitting the BIG 3-0 and there are a couple of things I still would like to do in my twenties, so here's my little list for this upcoming year.

Complete my very own 30 before 30 challenge - exactly a year and half before turning 30 I decided to visit 30 new places. So far I've been to six new towns in Belgium and the Netherlands and I'll be spending next weekend in the Ticino region. Not bad!

Visit (at least) one new country - the last time I set foot in a country which was totally new for me was four years ago when Boyfriend and I drove to tiny Lichtenstein for a day. I think it's about time to expand my horizons.

Meet with Maastricht's BFF somewhere in Germany - as we drunkenly agreed.

Watch the whole How I Met Your Mother series - I couldn't be less bothered by who the mother of Ted Mosby's children is but Boyfriend likes it. He's already managed to enjoy the funny, geeky side of The Big Bang Theory and put up with all this Game of Thrones madness. I kind of own it to him.

Finish reading all books of A Song of Ice and Fire - speaking of GoT, I started reading the first book out of curiosity and I was unexpectedly hooked! I'm already halway through the second one, which means that I still have to read four other books with an average of 800 pages each. Well, if George R.R. Martin decides to publish a new one during 2014, that won't make it down my list.

Learn a Russian word a day - I know, a word a day doesn't seem that much but think of a whole year and you have 365 new words. And hopefully more ... but a word a day is a good beginning.

Try at least three new restaurants in Basel - yes, this one doesn't sound like much either, but considering that Byfriend and I hardly ever eat out this is a real challenge. Because we both like cooking and enjoy cosy evenings in more than crazy nights out. Because we like to stick to our known and trusted Piadina Bar or Mr Wong wok buffet.

Going Paleo for a month - this is a tricky one, even if it'll actually be paleo+dairy. Lately I've been reading wonders about the paleo diet and even if I'm not fully convinced by many of the science behind it - sorry, I'm quite an opinionated person - there are many other things that buy me in. I think this can be a good thing for my body and mind.

Keep on working out. Regularly. Throughout the year - I've got into the good habit of working out at least 15 minutes three or four times a week and I noticed the benefits immediately. I have more stamina and I no longer want to squeeze into my black skinny jeans, I actually want to wear skirts and dresses again and I'm more playful with fashion. So, whether there's rain, snow or sunshine, I want to keep on working out.

Going back to the Netherlands - well, why not if I miss it soooo much? Boyfriend and I have a plan of visiting Amsterdam next spring, though it won't probably happen. But hey, dreaming is free of charge, isn't it?

B'day presents!

I'm off to enjoy my birthday now. Kind of. Actually I'm off to do some studying now, this afternoon I'll attend a birthday party - not for me but for Boyfriend's nephew - and later this evening will be football time! Barcelona - Real Madrid, I hope that Barcelona will score a couple of goals to honour me on this special day :)

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Muchas felicidades , Irene!! espero que sea un día de cumple estupendo y que disfrutes de tu último año en los veinti...jeejje, ya verás que el paso a los 30 es otra cosa ( al menos para la mayoría de la gente que conozco). Ya veo que tienes el nuevo libro de Bridget Jones, yo tmb lo quiero leer. Bss, wpa y lo dicho, muy feliz día:)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IRENE! I hope you are enjoying your special day! And that you are having lots of birthday cake. :)
    Love your list! I need to make one too!

  3. Happy birthday!! Hope you had an amazing day so far :) I need to seriously catch up on reading the Game of Thrones books too :O

  4. Happy birthday! And I do the same thing around my birthday and I always end up with completely ludicrous things to cross off my list!


  5. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRENE! Ohhh, you're young girl! Your best years will be in your thirties. Trust me. i love your list! Totally doable. Keep us updated on your progression. You can wipe it out in no time. ((hug))

  6. Happy belated Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    And I LOVE your list! I added learn one Spanish word a day to mine because of you. I think that sounds like a great way to pick up on a language without being totally overwhelmed.

  7. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  8. Oh wow, happy birthday Irene! Very inspiring bucket list before 30. So sorry for not being able to reply to your last email. I will do so soon. :) Enjoy your day!

  9. Felicidades atrasadas Irene, disfruta mucho de este año q cumplir los 30 es super duro, no se xq pero el cambio de dígito duele mucho.
    Me gusta tu lista, Como conocí a vuestra madre no llegará nunca al nivel de friends pero no esta mal,
    también me ha gustado lo de los 15 min de ejercicio, no es mucho pero algo se tiene q notar, (yo soy muy pero que muy vaga para el deporte) por cierto que es la dieta Paleo? voy a investigar por que me has dejado intrigadisima, y por ultimo lo de aprender una palabra de Ruso al día me ha flipado, igual me copio.
    besote guapa mucho animo con tus propósitos.

  10. #1 happy birthday!!!
    #2 completing the 30 before 30! this is so cool i definitely want to do something similar now!
    great blog, love!
    Happy Halloween!
    xx Corinne

  11. Happy belated birthday, Irene!!


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