Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Southern California Christmas {Guest Post}

Christmas is almost around the corner and I can't wait to start celebrating. I was writing my Xmas mail yesterday and I'll be busy putting decorations around the house this week. I'm also happy to say that I'm bringing a bit of the festive spirit into this blog and I'm having some great bloggers sharing their Christmas traditions with you. Today I want to introduce you to Ashley of have chasley, will travel, a lovely California girl who chronicles her travels and life special moments with sweet words and great photos. Do not forget to go over her blog and say 'Hi!'.

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Our Christmas traditions in Southern California are probably slightly different than other places in the United States, because it doesn't get very cold here!  We have to get creative since we can't go sledding, make snow men, or even wear cute coats and mittens.  I went to college in the snow, so I know what I'm missing!

That being said, I started thinking of the things I do with my family each Christmas and I realized they are all fairly 'Californian' in nature.  Movies, wine tasting, the beach, and Disneyland quickly came to my mind.

Let's start with my favorite, wine tasting!  I live a few minutes from Southern California wine country and when my family comes in from out of town, or we all get together, we almost always spend a day in the wineries.  You won't hear me complain!

My husband Charles and I are big Disneyland fanatics and love the holidays and decor at the parks.  A visit around Christmas is a great tradition and instantly puts me in the Christmas spirit.  The fake snow doesn't hurt either!

It wouldn't be a California Christmas without embracing Hollywood and the movies!  My family has always enjoyed watchingIt's a Wonderful Life or National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve.  The past few years, we've also gone out to the movies.  We always cook our big Christmas dinner on Christmas day, so we like to keep Christmas Eve more casual and a trip to the theater is a lot of fun.

While my family is in town during the holidays, we love to take a trip to the beach for a nighttime bonfire.  The coast is always a little chillier and it is a blast to watch the sunset and roast hot dogs and marshmallows by the fire.  Not exactly a crackling fire while snow is falling outside, but our version is still pretty great!

Lastly, I enjoy giving back and I coordinate an adoption program at my work to provide presents for local families in need.  I can always count on my family to help me with the shopping and wrapping!

So there you have it.  The clear pattern in my traditions is family!  As long as we are all doing something together, it is a blast.  Our Christmas traditions allow us to make the most of the holidays together and the state that we live in!


  1. Ashley, you are a jewel! I think the way you celebrate Christmas is fabulous. We have a lot in common! I live in New Orleans, so it doesn't get that cold here either. HaHaHa I love Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. I have to watch it every year. It's one of my favorites! Ok, we don't have wineries! I've heard about the vineyards out there and how lovely they are. I will have to go one day. Disney is the best. It looks so beautiful. I admire how you give back also. Well rounded you are! :) Great post! Hope all is well Irene!

    1. Isn't she? That's also what I love about Ashley, she's such a down-to-earth and warm person and her blog is equally lovely!
      I would also love to visit Disneyland some day, it must really magic around Christmas time :)

    2. Oh my goodness, reading this totally made my day. You two are so sweet!! Thank you, thank you!

  2. Qué bonitas fotos pre-navideñas! es cierto que lo importante es el espíritu y no la decoración pero, un bonito decorado siempre ayuda a imaginarse una Navidad más auténtica.Bss:)

    1. Te doy totalmente la razón, además con la variedad de decoraciones navideñas que hay hoy en día es difícil resistirse. Al menos para mí :p
      Un beso enorme!!!


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