Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh, Colmar!

I've been struggling to write this post about Colmar for more than a week now because I didn't want it to sound too cliché. But the thing is, maybe Colmar is that kind of place where clichés take over reality. It is that beautiful, its canals are that romantic, it really has a fairy tale feeling to it, the food is that good and it truly is a gem hidden in the Alsace region of France. With all that on the table, writing about Colmar seems like an easy task and yet I'm finding it quite difficult to put this post together. On a side note I have to add that lately I've been reading quite a lot about good (travel) writing and reflecting on my own writing and this can have also caused me to be more critical with my writing and to rethink the stories and blogs I'd like to write and how

I went to Colmar a couple of weeks ago and the expectations were high. I had seen many gorgeous photos and read and heard some interesting facts about it, so I had placed Colmar high on my wishlist. I so wanted to see it with my own eyes but somehow I was worried that a winter visit to Colmar might end up being one big disappointment. Luckily, Colmar did live up to the expectations and I'm already thinking of doing a summer daytrip and going back for the Christmas market - yes, there's also a wonderful Christmas market in Colmar, but I'll save that part for the next holiday season, as it would be slightly weird to still be blogging about Christmas in January.

Colmar is a medium-sized town in the French region of Alsace and its Alsatian roots show in every timbered house and in the hearty cuisine. The city centre is a maze of cobbled alleys lined by colourful houses and has a handful of churches that has been watching the city from above since the Middle Ages. A bit away from the city centre is the famous Little Venice neighbourhood, an area crossed by canals which closely mimics Amsterdam melancholic beauty. Little Venice is probably the most touristy place in Colmar, and indeed tourists abound oohing and aahing while taking endless pictures. Another sight that attracts crowds is the Isemheim altarpiece, which can be seen in the Unterlinde Museum. Colmar is also very well known among gourmets and wine connaisseurs as it has been self-proclaimed the 'capital of Alsatian wine'.

During my visit to Colmar, the city was overrun by tourists who were probably trying to enjoy the last days of the Christmas market. But I don't think that the number of visitors will be much less without a Christmas market around. Actually, summer days can prossibly make Colmar even more appealing to tourists. Just imagine strolling along these cosy streets during a warm and sunny day, marveling at those beautiful timbered houses with every window adorned with bouquets of flowers and stopping in any given Winstub - the name given in Alsace to traditional eateries - to savour a chilly glass of Alsatian wine and enjoying some delicious speciality of the region, like a flammekueche or tarte flambée in French. Yep, that will be definitely one of my plans for the summer.

Well, that was my so uninspired post about Colmar, I think I'd better let the photos do the talking.
Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Creo que este lugar representa a la perfección la imagen que todos tenemos de los Paísses bajos y sus canales. Es como sacado de un cuento, muy bonitas las fotos. Bss, Irene:)

    1. Sí, y sin embargo fuera de los Países Bajos. Empiezo a pensar que todas las ciudades que nacieron durante la Edad Media en Europa fueron hechas con el mismo patrón - al igual que ocurre ahora :)

  2. Irene, it's so beautiful! Very hard to distinguish the homes from the shops! All are gorgeous. Love the ornaments in the trees. Very elegant. I wouldn't mind walking up and down alongside those canals. Colmar is definitely a treat.

    1. haha you're so right, the shops match the houses so perfectly that it's not easy to distinguish them.
      All the Christmas decorations looked truly beautiful, it was like some kind of fairytale come true :)

  3. It does look amazing - really great photos and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!

  4. Hey dear!
    Thank you your comment on my blog! Your blog is really nice too. I like those beautiful pictures! They make me wanna go on a vacation :)
    Hope to see you again soon on my blog :)

    Lots of love!


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