Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wanderlust 2014

Last September I put together a travel wishlist for the autumn months and I am more than happy to say that I managed to tick off everything on that list. I feel so accomplished! And glad I discovered some lovely spots in this part of Europe. Back then I thought I would come up with a new list for winter, and then spring, then summer and so on but being realistic this is not much of practical planning. Not at least when you don't have the freedom to travel whenever you want to nor the liberty to plan your life as you wish. Instead, I'm taking inspiration from Frankie of As the Bird Flies, who's been writing an annual list of travel goals for the past three years now and I'm writing my very own wishlist for 2014. And just like I did this autumn, I'm keeping my feet on the ground and sticking to doable plans because it is really easy to get carried away with so much to see and experience.


St Gallen - a city I've never been before and one I'd love to see as I've read it has a charming city centre listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Hiking in Switzerland - it doesn't really matter where, as Switzerland is utterly beautiful and has pretty scenaries in every corner. So, hopefully I'll be seeing and walking more of it more often.

Jura Préhisto Parc - I've never been to the Jura canton before and I'd really like to visit this park where you can walk among real-sized dinausors, or so I've read. A real treat for my inner child!


Amsterdam - after two years living in the Netherlands, I still find reasons to go back to this country. Or maybe it is because I've lived there for two years that I so long to visit it again! Whatever the reason, I truly want this trip to happen, as I've already planned it in my mind and Boyfriend hasn't seen Amsterdam yet.

Ireland - I don't think I've ever told you but Boyfriend is half Irish and he thinks it is about time for me to fly there with him and meet his family.

Malaga - more family business, only this time from my side. My grandma is turning 100 in November this year, so this is more than reason enough to be there and celebrate. Mind you, my other grandma in Tenerife is turning 98 in a couple of months, so I've been endowed with a precious gene pool from the female side of my family!

Bregenz - that was actually Boyfriend's idea but I quickly approved and got excited at the thought of visiting Austria, a country I've never been to before, and enjoying some lake views of the Bodensee, known as Lake Constance to non-German speakers.


I don't think 2014 will be the year that will finally see me flying somewhere outside Europe but if I do I'm hoping to see San Francisco and explore a bit of northern California.

Well, that was my short and sweet list for 2014. Do you have some travel plans for 2014? Any place you would love to visit and cannot wait any longer? I'd love to hear it from you, so write me a comment or leave a link to your travel wishlist for 2014 if you have written one.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

All photos via Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I think it's awesome to have a travel wish list. Mine is long! LOL It contains some places in the States and also London & Paris. Time has always been a problem for me. But sometimes you just have to stop & go. Love these places Irene.

    1. That's also a great list! London is always a favourite of mine, wish I could go there everytime I wanted to. Actually, wish I could live there :D
      I hope that this year you'll find enough time to make some of your dreams come true, Kim.

  2. Suerte con tu lista de viajes! son unos sitios muy bonitos( no los conozco pero tienen pinta de ello) Me ha llamado mucho la atención el Jura Parc en Francia. Bss, Irene:)

    1. A mí tb me llama mucho la atención lo del Jura Parc - es que me encantan los dinosaurios :D
      A ver como sale el año, porque deseos muchos pero no sé si habrá tantas oportunidades!

  3. So many beautiful pictures! I can't wait to travel!

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  4. I think you should totally take your boyfriend up on his Ireland request! We're going in March and I'm already counting down the days. And I'd always recommend anything having to do with Bodensee. Such a gorgeous area!

  5. Love the places in your list. A romantic getaway to Ireland is a dream of mine. I would love for you and your boyfriend to enjoy a romantic vacation in Napa Valley. NorCal is a place I would be happy to visit again.

    1. Oh, thank you for those sweet wishes, Arni! I would love such a getaway too, it sounds great!
      I hope that you also manage to see and experience some new places - or rediscover the ones you know with your growing family :)


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