Friday, April 4, 2014

{FoodFriday} Strawberry Breakfast Fool

If you have read this post before, you probably know that strawberries is something that makes me happy. Very happy. I love that moment of the year when I first spot strawberries on the produce aisle of the supermarket and can't help myself but buy some. I had always thought of strawberries as a summer fruit but in the last couple of years I've noticed that most supermarkets cater strawberries as soon as of February. Weird, I'm almost certain that when I was growing up strawberries didn't appear on our table until late April or May. And funnily enough, these early strawberries are usually sweeter, redder and yummier than the ones sold during the summer months. But strawberries are strawberries and they're always delicious. I am sure that in a perfect world there would be strawberries all year round. Alas, that's not the case! But maybe that's what makes them that extra special.

A 'fool' is a traditional British dessert consisting of puréed fruit and custard or whipped cream whisked together. This strawberry fool is technically not a fool as the fruit is not puréed and it is done with yogurt instead of cream, but feel free to experiment and come up with your own version. This is a lovely treat, something special for a moment with myself, like a sunny Saturday morning with a cup of tea before going and do some window shopping. Yep, for that kind of perfect days. On normal days I just chop some strawberries, pour a spoonfool of honey over them and add some yogurt and that makes a great and quick breakfast. But some other days I just like to treat myself.

Strawberries fool

INGREDIENTS (serves two)

200 g strawberries
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp lemon juice, freshly pressed
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated
300 g yogurt
A handful of pecan nuts, chopped (or any other nuts you like)


Wash the strawberries, chop them and divide them in two bowls. 
Put the honey, lemon juice and ginger in a small pan and heat until it is about to boil. Stir gently and pour over the strawberries.
Put the yogurt on top and decorate with some chopped nuts.

Don't be deceived by the name and enjoy any time of the day.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Yo tmb tengo pasión por las fresas. Todos los años espero impacientemente que llegue el mes de febrero para que empiecen a aparecer por el super. Tiene pinta de estar rica tu receta. Bss:)

  2. Oooh I love strawberries. Or berries of any kind. Or fruit of any kind. In the Winter I usually have to go down the frozen aisle for my dose of berries. But yes, I think there might be something a little fishy with fresh strawberries coming out sooner in the year than when we were younger. Your little dessert looks delicious there. Looks like the best breakfast, especially with the nuts on top. I think a little granola mixed in wouldn't harm, either. Rosemary x

  3. I make something similar to this as breakfast minus the fresh ginger. I must try this, it seems like a very interesting flavor and healthy too. Strawberry is awesome, sooo good in the summer. Have a good weekend.

    I guess my dream of a budget t trip to Switzerland is not going to happen since it is so expensive there.. haha.

  4. Yum! I love stawberries too. This looks really yummy and healthy. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Pues mira tú por donde, estaba pensando en comer algo más sano a partir de ahora, que se acerca el veranito y voy y me encuentro este post, parece pura delicia, así que tendré que atacar, siento curiosidad por el toque de jegibre en esa mezcla de sabores... y también quería darte las gracias por tu intención de votar al concurso de mi hijo, aunque no se pudiera al final, pero te estoy igualmente agradecida, eso fue todo un detallazo. Muchas gracias!

  6. I have never heard of a "fool" before! Thanks for teaching me something new! I love strawberries so much! When I was a kid we always had lots of them in our own garden. It was like paradise!

  7. Irene, that looks delicious. I share your love for Strawberries! There's a Strawberry Festival that takes place about an hour a way from where I live and I always try and go. I did a post on it last year. Yummm


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