Monday, June 9, 2014

Cheers from Ireland


Apparently that means welcome in Irish, though I have no clue on how to pronounce it. It's been already a week since I arrived to Dublin and what a week! My top priority was to find a room as soon as possible and after seeing some of the tiniest rooms ever I luckily found something nice and moved last weekend. After moving my stuff from one room to another I spent a couple of days from one place to another trying to find some nice yet affordable bed linen and random home apparel. I also indulged in a bit of window shopping, as I needed to update my wardrobe workwear. On Sunday I finally had some time to rest and after a superb sleep I went for a relaxing walk in a park close to my new room (photos coming soon). And that was just what I needed before beginning with my new job today. 


I would've liked to update you more often on my new life in Dublin but most days I was exhausted. And now that I'm kind of getting myself together internet fails me. The internet connection in this house is terrible. Not reliable at all. So I will try my best to keep in touch with all of my dear and supporting readers and I'll do as much as I can to post often, internet and work commitments permitting. Anyway, new city, new apartment, new job, it totally feels as if I had a new life to myself so I thought it might be nice to introduce myself again to you and tell you some random facts about me. 

Arni of Travel Gourmande tagged me last week in this post to share some personal info to get to know us better, so here are seven fun facts about me - and do not forget to check Arni's!

1.- I'm a secret britophile and love all things British. I had always dreamt of relocating to London but Australia and Ireland, as former countries of the British empire, got a well deserved attention as well. So moving to Dublin feels like a dream come true.

2.- I totally dislike the rain, which I've found to be a very inconvenient pet peeve when living in Dublin. And I'm sure that London wouldn't be any better. Maybe it wasn't made for me after all ...

3.- I don't drink any coffee at all. Or any Coke. But I do drink tea, a lot. Green tea with lemon or vanilla are probably my favorites but I'm quickly getting used to the dark Irish melange with a cloud of milk. Delicious!

4.- I went to a comprehensive school since I was three until I was seventeen and wore an uniform for fourteen years. And despite my love for fashion I still miss it - it was so easy to get dressed in the morning! Now that I'm in Dublin I really like seeing all schoolchildren wearing their uniforms.

5.- I think my English improved considerably when I started to read British magazines more than ten years ago; I don't think I would've gotten far with the boring grammar lessons we were taught at school. Cosmo UK and Glamour UK has always been favorites of mine and I'm happy I can now get them at their normal price in Dublin.

6.- In an ideal world I would've done something creative for a a living, like script writing or fashion designing. In the real world I've stuck to more practical matters and graduated in Mathematics and later got a master's degree in Econometrics. My job in Dublin is way too maths-related and I'm already fearing a quick burnout ... Anyway, I'm still young or so they say.

7.- When I'm not traveling or taking photos or reading or simply doing nothing in my free time, it is very likely that you will find me learning some foreign language. I think it is a very rewarding hobby and so far I've tried English, French, German, Russian, Dutch and Icelandic. Maybe I should take Irish next - though I've read this one is tough (not that the other ones were easy and in fact I only consider I've 'mastered' English and Dutch).

Well, that's all about me today. I would like to nominate Katrin of Land of Candycanes, Sarah of The Wanderblogger, Rosemary or Rosemary of Elephants, Nathalie of Snowflakes in California, Pilar of Petit Colibri and Kim of A Very Sweet Blog - no rules, just share some random facts about you. That's an easy one :)

See you next time and in the meantime here are some photos of the docklands in Dublin.

Have a lovely week!

Dublin docklands

Dublin docklands

Dublin docklands

Dublin docklands


  1. It's crazy how much we've got in common. I've always wanted to live in London and do something creative :) Although I REALLY suck at maths! Dublin sounds and looks so cool already, good luck with your first week on the job and thanks for nominating me (going to start working on those random facts about me)!

  2. I think the first thing I'd be doing is politely asking my landlord to provide a more reliable Internet connection! I don't know if I could handle a bad one for very long! Still, good to hear that you're settling in alright - hopefully once you get a handle on the new job it won't exhaust you so much!

    I don't drink coffee or sodas either. I will drink tea, but I prefer that it's caffeine free. I already have too much energy as it is! My favorites are mint and lemon chamomile. :)

    That's a pretty smart idea about reading magazines to learn a language. I need to see if there are any online Spanish magazines available. I've gotten pretty good {or at least pretty good for a beginner} at reading Spanish, and writing it if I have enough time to think properly, but I'm still pretty awful at understanding it when its spoken, which is bad since that's kind of the point of learning it. :) Ha!

  3. So glad you made it there! Yay! Happy that you found a place! I can't wait to read more of your adventures, this surely is exciting! Sorry about the internet connection though! I really hope it will work better at some point! I can imagine that you don't find much time for blogging at the moment. Don't worry, I just hope you are doing fine!

    I do like coffee a lot but I don't drink as much anymore. I drink a lot more tea these days, it is just so good. I love green teas but also chai tea or black tea with almond milk. And peppermint. Oh well, let's say I like all kinds of teas.

    I learned so much from English TV shows, books and magazines. A lot more than they taught me in school I would say! There are so many other languages I would love to learn!

    Thank you so much for nominating me, I will definitely join!

  4. Glad to hear you're all settled in despite the bad internet connection. Thank you for participating, I know you're very busy getting adjusted and all. I had no idea you are a britophile. How did I miss that? And I had to smile sorry at the thought that you hate rain and you're in the UK. :) But at least it's a dream come true. The tea salons are, I'm sure, everywhere. :)


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