Sunday, June 1, 2014

The thing about Dublin is ...

... that I'm moving to Dublin. Wow, that's a bomb of a confession, I know. But there you have it. I even find it hard to believe it myself but it's happening. Remember when it told you back in February that life was taking weird turnings and taking me to all kind of unexpected places? Well, now you know what I meant. Everything happened really quickly and I went from being about to move in with Boyfriend in Basel to changing countries again. This is more or less how it happened and the rollercoster of emotions I went through:

Last week of January: We finally find an appartment and we are told that we can move in in March. I am over the moon and decide to stop applying abroad and really try to find a job in Switzerland.

First week of February: Ikea becomes our second home until we can finally move into our new appartment.  Anyway, Boyfriend is told to go on a business trip in two weeks, so the whole moving process is put on hold.

Second week of February: I receive a mail saying that I've been short listed for a position I had applied in Dublin. I don't think I'll get through the selection process but send the forms nevertheless.

Third week of February: Boyfriend is away the whole week. I am invited for an assessment day in Dublin taking place next Monday! I book my tickets and hotel and prepare my trip in less than 5 days. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Fourth week of February: I am in Ireland for the first time ever! And I fall in love with Dublin. And I think I've messed up my interview so I go back to Basel and take comfort in our new appartment. We receive the key on Friday.

First week of March: out of the blue I receive a phone call for a follow-up on my Dublin application. I receive an offer. Ask for some time to think about it. Not much to think about it actually. I kind of know how unlikely it is that I will find a job in Switzerland and it is a way to good offer to say no.

Somehow, I always knew that the decision was already taken the moment I booked my tickets to Dublin; otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to go there and get myself through that stressful recruitment process. Yes, the decision was already taken but that didn't make it any easier. My heart was growing heavier by the minute, I was confused and I would cry any moment. Some days I felt like the world was smiling at me and some other days and thought that fate was mocking me. Wasn't I supposed to be moving with my boyfriend? Finally settling down and maybe thinking about kids in a year? That's where I thought it was going, however, life was pulling me in a very different direction and I wasn't prepared to take that road.

But I had to and gradually I got used to the idea of moving to Dublin. I eventually found the strength to embark myself on a distance relationship again, this time without knowing how long it'll last. And now you know where I am. If you read that whining post back in February I'm sure that you'll agree with me that my horoscope for 2014 was right. I had to prepare myself for the unexpected.

And that's all for now, next time I'll update you from the gorgeous Irish capital.
Have you ever been in a distance relationship? Any tips to cope?

Have a lovely Sunday!

p.s. I haven't been commenting on my fave blogs or replying to comments that often lately because we didn't have internet until a couple of days ago but THANK YOU for all your lovely thoughts on this blog o' mine :)


  1. Wow, I thought it might be something big but I didn't realise it was Dublin up your sleeve! This must be so crazy and exciting for you; I can't imagine how stressful it must have been from February onwards but it is looking like all the agg and hard work is paying off now. I'm sure you'll keep us all updated on your new venture. Onwards and upwards, I say! Good luck for the near future. Rosemary x

  2. I hope things are not too stressful for you. I know you were looking forward to your apartment together and then things turned out in a different way. But I am sure your new job is exciting and things will turn out great. Good luck with everything!

  3. Wow, so much is changing so quickly! I hope that everything goes well during this transition... thinking of you!

  4. It was a big decision and hats off to you for your courage in making this decision. It's a step in eliminating "what ifs." You are brave to try it and see how life would be like in Dublin. You already know, I'm a survivor of long distance relationship. Those years apart made our relationship stronger. All the best to your new adventure. Can't wait to hear about your first days there.

  5. I hope you're getting settled nicely into Dublin! I'm excited for you and this new, totally unexpected, change of direction. The long distance thing will be tough, but after the initial settling in, maybe you guys can work out a schedule where you can still see each other every now and then. Good luck!!

  6. Wow that's such great news!! Congratulations ;) I have always wanted to visit Dublin and I'm sure it's going to be a great place to live. I was in a long distance relationship for 2 years... so I know it's going to be hard but I also know that if you both love each other and are willing to give each other the freedom to do what makes you happy, it will somehow work out in the end (I firmly believe that). Good luck and I can't wait to hear more about it :)


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