Saturday, September 6, 2014

Photowalk: Dublin National Botanic Gardens

Last Tuesday marked three months since I moved to Dublin. Time really flies! During these three months I've been out and around Dublin and by now I can confidently say that I quite know the city. And more importantly, I quite love this city. I really like its easy-going vibe and provincial feeling and attitude. People are never too busy to stop for a chat, bus drivers are always willing to help with the way, the nearest supermarket is usually never further than a street away, there are hundreds of cafés to pause for a while and there are dozens of green spaces where to relax on a sunny day. Or simply on a non-rainy day. The weather forecast says that the sun will be shining timidly this weekend and that temperatures should stay around 20*C and that's more than lovely weather in Ireland. So I though it would be nice to take you for a walk to one my favourite places in the city.

I went to the National Botanical Gardens a couple of months ago and I truly enjoyed my time there. The weather was nice and July must have been a very good month to visit them as many flowers were in bloom and plants and trees were at their greenest. The most distinctive feature of the botanical gardens in Dublin are its glass greenhouses which are scattered over the park and each of them is home to different flora according to their natural ecosystems - there is a small glasshouse for delicate alpine flowers and some bigger houses for tropical plants and trees. Outside the glasshouses, the gardens are also arranged in different sections. There is a rose garden, Chinese gardens, Irish vegetation areas and even fruit and vegetable patches. Botanic gardens do not usually rank high on my sightseeing lists but I am happy that I discovered this small gem in Dublin, though it is slightly out of the touristic trail.

The National Botanic Gardens are located on Botanic Road and be reached by bus (no 9, 13 and 83 among others). The gardens are open Monday to Sunday, though opening times vary throughout the year. Entry is free.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Qué maravilla, es precioso! A mi es que me encanta visitar jardines botánicos - más que museos! Es de lo primero que hago cuando llego a una nueva ciudad.

  2. Oh wow! Gorgeous photos! They make me think of some Irish novels I have read. Happy weekend!

  3. Parece un lugar precioso para pasar una tarde. Lo que nos cuentas de la forma de ser de los irlandeses coincide con la idea que nos venden en el cine,ejejej, gente muy afable , servicial y cercana. Me alegro de que estés a gusto en Dublín. Bss:)

  4. I have so much love for botanical gardens - these photos are beautiful and remind me of my trip to some botanical gardens in Switzerland years and years ago! :)
    - I'm new to Instagram! -


  5. Beautiful pictures! I love botanical gardens! And I need to travel to Ireland. :)

  6. I know Ireland and England are very, very different and distant, as has been made clear over and over, but the reasons I love England are for those that you mention you have fallen in love with Ireland above. I honestly could not have described it better myself, and if anyone asks me why I love my hometown, I think I might just have to give them a link to this post! Lovely to be back in touch with you again; I was wifi-less over the summer and I think you were wrapped up in all the excitement that comes with a new job, new home, new life... I think it can be quite a rare gem to fall in love with a city so I am so glad you are happy with where you are. I hope your job is working out well too. Let me know if you treat yourself to any special pieces because I love a gal that can spoil herself! Rosemary X

  7. I really enjoy visiting botanical gardens and love taking photographs too - yours are wonderful!

  8. oh wow the gardens are so beautiful! It makes me want to visit, as well! Especially what you say about the warm, welcoming vibes of all the people! I really love the flowers in the first photo!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  9. Irene, I'm so glad you love Ireland! It sounds perfect. You have everything you need. The botanical gardens are so beautiful there. I know it must've been amazing to look at. Glad to hear all is well. Beautiful post!

  10. very nice pics like it


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