Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Home is where the heart is

There is so much truth in that statement, if you ask me. No matter where you come from, no matter where you've been to, in the end, the place we call home, the home we want to return to, is right where the heart is. As you already know if you read my previous post, my days in Dublin are over and I'm back in Basel, Switzerland. I'm back home, though this home is quite far away from the place I was born and the city I grew up. But this is where Boyfriend is, and with him my heart. So this is home. I guess.

When I left to Ireland half a year ago I wasn't expecting to be back so soon but somehow life got in between. I cannot say I was 100% happy in Dublin but I really enjoyed my time in Ireland and liked my job there. But circumstances changed along the way and at some point in autumn I decided that I would be better off quitting my job and going back to Switzerland than staying in Dublin. Only for personal reasons. Life is about to change for ever for Boyfriend and I during 2015 and being together at home will definitely make things easier for us. And for me. 

Leaving Dublin was not as easy as I thought it would be. My last weeks were rather emotional and I was very sad to quit my job after so little time. I always knew it was not the job of my life but it was not bad at all and I had grown fond of all the lovely and talented people I worked with. For the first time in my life I wasn't dreading going to work. I dreaded jumping out of bed as mornings got darker and colder but I actually looked forward to going to work. But that's life and as someone told me, things happen for a reason and now I'm back home. So be it.

I still have some stories to tell you about Dublin that never got blogged while I was there, like my love for tea with scones or my day in Howth. Hopefully, I'll get back in the blogging track now that I have more free time and a new laptop (finally!). Until then, here are some pics of a Christmassy Dublin. What a gorgeous thing it was!

GPO Dublin


Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Christmas market Dublin

Bank of Ireland, Dublin

Have a lovely evening and enjoy the very last hours of 2014!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I am hoping to be able to visit Dublin this year. And I can totally understand your feeling towards leaving Dublin. I am wishing you a 2015 full of happiness and health and that you and your boyfriend will have a wonderful time together! <3

  2. Oh, it sounds like it was bittersweet Irene! Remember, everything happens for a reason. Something will come up in Switzerland. Life sometimes makes unexpected twists and turns.


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