Monday, January 26, 2015

Queen of Tarts

Just read it again. Queen of Tarts. It has both queen and tart in the same name so it has to be good, hasn't it? I mean, it sounds to be fit for a queen and full of tarts and what's not to love about that! Queen of Tarts was probably my favourite café in Dublin. It was a small cosy place where you could sit for an hour or two enjoying a warm cup of tea and some delicious food.

Queen of Tarts Dublin

Queen of Tarts is a popular place with Dubliners, who sometimes even queue outside on cold weekends to satisfy some sweet brunch cravings - or savoury cravings, there's something for everyone. There are currently two branches of Queen of Tarts in Dublin, one on Dame St and another on Cow's Lane. The first one is a rather tiny place with only four or five tables while the second one is a bit more spacious and even has a terrace for the brave people who dare to sit outside despite the chilly Irish weather.

The first impression after entering Queen of Tarts is highly appetising as you are directly in front of their counter filled with tarts, cupcakes, scones and all sort of sweet treats. More than probably you're already facing one of the biggest dilemmas in life, what to order, and you haven't even read the menu yet. The decoration of the place is every inch of precious a queen would demand. Walls are covered with antique plates and old-fashion cupboards hold beautiful tea pots and china. Tables and chairs are different from one another and that's part of the charm, especially when you get to sit on a bank on the wall covered by embroidered cushions. Then you order, wait and delight yourself in the vintage china where your tea or coffee is served. And finally the food appears. Gorgeous yummy food.

Tarts are an important part of the menu of Queen of Tarts, obviously, but there's much more. Brunch options range from a filling scone to eggs with salmon and there own version of the famous Irish breakfast. Lunch possibilities include soup of the day, omelettes or sandwiches. And after a hearty meal you will most likely asked if you want something sweet. Chocolate Pecan Tart, Apple Crumble, Carrot Cake or Victorian Sponge are only some of the many options in the menu. I made the mistake of not trying their cakes until my very last day in Dublin and man, what had I been missing! I had a Blackberry and Apple Crumble and tried a bit of their Chocolate Fudge Cake and it was just like entering cake heaven. Yep, they were that good!

Queen of Tarts Dublin
Hearty Breakfast

Queen of Tarts Dublin
Vegetarian Breakfast
Queen of Tarts Dublin
French Toast

Queen of Tarts Dublin
Blackberry and Apple Crumble and Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake

I would highly recommend a visit to Queen of Tarts if you ever happen to be in Dublin. It has both hearty food to keep you going through the most hectic of sightseeing days and cosy spots to relax on laid-back moments during any holiday. The only downside is that some of the staff sometimes forget their friendliness as people begin to queue on the outside and they just wait tables robotically, from menu to food and to bill asap (I remember a certain brunette who refused to change me to another table away from the front door with all kind of poor excuses despite having several free tables downstairs and no one waiting to be sit ... in the end all it took was to ask a more smiley waitress). But most of the time waiters and waitresses were as nice as the food they served.

For more info on their location and menu, Queen of Tarts

Please excuse the bad quality photos on that one and have a lovely Monday!

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