Saturday, January 24, 2015

Read the World - a lifelong challenge

For the first time in a long time I decided not to make any new year resolutions this year. However, I did put together a list of things I would like to accomplish during my thirties. Mind you, I didn't tell you because it happened during the months that I was far and away from blogging but I turned thirty last October. Now, that's quite an age and at the same time it's not an age at all. For me, turning thirty has been an inflection point in my life and it seemed like a good moment to stop and reflect on everything I have achieved during my twenties and look further to the things I still would like to achieve.

My list is not an especially ambitious one but you know how it goes with such lists. You begin with three or four things that have been on your mind for years and then, every time you go through it you come up with new things to add. It all started with finishing some economic courses I once enrolled in and writing a book from the first page to the very last and suddenly the list took a life of its own. Finally learning to speak Russian, really improving my programming skills and visiting at least one new country each year were only some of the things added later. Ten years is a long time but a lengthy, heavy-loaded list is a recipe for disaster, even for a decade. Or maybe that's just the procrastinator in me doing the talking ...

Some days ago I came across a wonderful travel blog, One trip at a time and I drew some inspiration from Stacey and decided to add yet another challenge to my list. Her blog is full of inspiring posts about her past trips and future travel plans. Obviously she likes loves to travel and also likes to learn more about the world one UNESCO heritage site at a time, to take photos of every place she visit and to read about those places and every other thing. And to bring all her passions together she decided to challenge herself to read at least one book somewhat related to each country in the world. What a great idea, I thought. And just like that, I decided to add that challenge to my list as well. Because I may not be able to travel the world but I can read it all the way around, right?!

As I wrote on the title of this post, this is not something I intend to do next year or even during the next ten years, though that should be more than enough time. This is a lifelong project and I'm not really going to put many restrictions on myself on that one. Probably, the only restriction is that travel guides do not count towards my goal (I know, I know, LP guides are a great read and provide content related to every country and territory in the world but they're out of the line). I will probably go often to Stacey's Read Around the World page for inspiration on what to read and I will welcome every suggestion you make in the comments on this post. Feel free to join!

Any book recommendations? Have you ever done a similar challenge?
I also like the Cook the World one (check Global Table Adventure) but for the time being I'm not thinking on doing that A to Z - gimme a week, I'm fickle like that ... but also a bit of a picky eater, anyway.

Have a lovely weekend!

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