Monday, January 5, 2015

To blog or not to blog ...

I have a confession to make. Nothing really gossipy, only that I was seriously thinking for a while of abandoning this blog. There it is. After several months of not writing anything I started to feel less and less attached to this digital space of mine and wondered what the point was of having a travel blog if I wasn't travelling full time, or at least every now and then. But I've always enjoyed blogging so I also thought of simply leaving Away from Tenerife in standby and starting a very random blog to write about whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like writing.

Then I came home and typed a brief post for Christmas day and then another about the snowfall we had just before the year end and then another and somehow I got back into the blogging mindset. Suddenly, wanting to abandon this blog to maybe start yet another seemed like a crazy idea. In my mind, a blog is like a blank notebook waiting to be filled with whatever we like. And just like I change notebooks in real life and use different notebooks for different topics, it kind of makes sense to me to change blogs every time my life changes direction. But even then, when I started Away from Tenerife I intended to have a lifelong journal of my travels and expat misadventures. It would be just crazy to drop it and start anew with another name and another layout.

This got me thinking again in why I blog and what I like to blog about. I blog for myself, to have a diary whose pages are full of stories and photos to remind of the great times I've had over the years. But I also write for people to read me and enjoy it, right? Otherwise what's the point of hitting the 'Publish' button instead of just putting pen to paper and keeping a locked diary on my bedside table? And there's also one of the most rewarding sides of blogging, the bunch great like-minded people you're likely to meet. I'm very grateful for having connected with some lovely ladies who enjoy similar things and can relate to my nomadic expat lifestyle. So, in the end that's it, I like sharing stories that people will enjoy reading or find inspiring or practical. And most of the time, travel related stories are my favourites.

With all that in mind, I realised that: one, I'm not abandoning my blog, and two, I will probably stick to travel and expat related stories with the random personal posts every now and then. Though sometimes I think I'd like to pop a cooking post in here and a movie review post in there, I don't think  I will be doing it too often. And I won't put any pressure on myself to blog steadily. I have the time to do it now but that may not be the case in half a year and I won't feel bad for that. I will try my best to stay in touch, though I'm terrible at that. Thank you so much for all your love and understanding! 

And just like that, I'm back to blogging. This year is bound to be full of changes and I thought that maybe it was about time to give this blog a makeover. We'll see how far I get, as I'm doing all the tech tweaking myself. The main change so far is that I have added Disqus as discussion platform instead of Blogger standard commenting system. I like answering to comments - though I'm always way behind - but I find it annoying that some I answer via mail, some other on the thread and I'm never sure if people get their replies or not. Hopefully Disqus will make it easier to manage as everything is on one place. Let's see how it works! And for every other change, well, this is a work in progress. Bear with me and let me know what you think.

Have a lovely week!

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