Sunday, February 1, 2015

#200: Sharing some big news

Two hundred posts. That means that I've written two hundred articles, longer and shorter, I've hit the publish button two hundred times and I've shared two hundred stories with you. Quite impressive, if you ask me!

I think this 200th post is something good to celebrate and it makes the perfect occasion to share some big news with you, dear readers and friends. As you (might) already know, I moved countries again before the end of 2014, almost out of the blue. You might have read this less than cryptic post about the reasons which brought me back to Switzerland. Maybe you've already guessed but the thing is ... the thing is that Boyfriend and I are expecting our first baby due for the end of May. Yep, I'm pregnant. Twenty-five weeks pregnant to be precise. So this is how much life is about to change forever around here. Like, really change forever!

Halfway through week 24
Excuse my concentration face, I'm not good at selfies.

I won't bore you with the details - maybe I'll share parts of the story later, pregnancy is quite a journey itself and as such may deserve a place in a travel blog - but right now I'm doing very fine. After a very miserable first trimester and a bit more (the kind of misery that had me bending over a toilet more often than not and that if I was lucky to be near a toilet) I am very happy to say that I haven't had a single pregnancy symptom since my queasy days ended a month ago. And halfway through the sixth month I'm still wearing my regular clothes, though that will not last for much longer. Alas.

With that big secret out, you will surely understand my absence periods around here a lot better. It is not always easy to carry on with one's own life when another tiny life is growing inside and preparing to take over mine. Oh yeah, things will get interesting in late spring. Hopefully I will be able to continue blogging happy, inspiring stories about my scarce travels these days. *Sigh*.

And as we're getting that close and personal now, here's a short list of past posts that also saw me getting close and personal ... in case you want to know some more about me.

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If You're An Expat You've Probably Been Here Too - Keeping up with my quirks, this is a light-hearted post on some embarrassing funny situations I've faced during my expat journey.

Have a lovely week!

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