Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some carnival photos from Basel

Most people wore costumes, the most traditional of them complete with big head masks made of paper mache and wooden clogs. Music could be heard around every street of the city centre, with drums and piccolos taking turns to lead the melody. Confetti of every colour of the rainbow floated in the air and lay on the streets as well as the coats and hair of everyone in town. Chaos could be found anywhere but no one seemed to care as everyone was too busy enjoying the last hours of carnival here in Basel.

Yesterday was a warm sunny day and I decided to go out in the sun, totally oblivious to the carnival celebrations. Only when I got closer to the city centre and saw many parents with their children wearing all kind of costumes and many people carrying big head masks or making that clig-clog sound with their traditional clogs, did I realise that carnival was still in full blow around here.

As I already told you on my post about the most typical carnival foods, I don't know much about these celebrations in Basel. But apparently this is called the Cortège. During the carnival week, both on Monday and Wednesday, people take the streets in the afternoon to enjoy a rather informal parade around the main streets of the city centre. Carnival groups walk by with their fancy float vehicles appropriately dressed for the occasion and all the while they play music, they throw flowers and oranges to the people watching and toss as much confetti in the air as the people who wait for the cortège.

So, this is what the carnival in Basel looks like ... very different to what I used to know as carnival in Tenerife.

Do you like carnival? Any carnival celebrations worth mentioning?

Have a lovely Thursday!

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