Sunday, June 28, 2015

So it was a girl - the due update!

'A girl?!!!', I screamed in disbelief as I heard the midwife tell my boyfriend that I had just given birth to a baby girl. Thankfully, I was instructed to keep on pushing for the placenta to come out so I was prevented to continue yelling nonsense like, NO WAY!!! Are you sure it's a girl?! 

Well, I guess this is how the human mind works. I was so convinced that this baby was going to be a boy that I just couldn't believe my ears when I heard the word girl in the delivery room. Flash forward a month and we couldn't be any happier with our baby girl. She's both a good eater and a good sleeper - especially at night! - and she doesn't cry too often. Only in the evenings does she have a bit of a fussy hour. But other than that, she's passed her first month with flying colours :)

In case you're wondering, everything went very well and incredibly fast. I had thought of writing one of those birth story posts but it would probably be the shortest post in this blog. It would read something like this.

Woke up with mild cramp pain at midnight, timed it just for fun, spotted a pattern after some half and hour and called the hospital. Was told to take some paracetamol as I sounded too calm. Less than an hour later I was in real pain, my water broke, we rushed to the hospital and less than twenty minutes later a girl was born. 

End of the story. 

Happy ending. 

It's been already a month since that crazy night and and a busy month it's been. So time for blogging is rather scarce now. And before that, you may be wondering, as I haven't posted anything since March. Well, before I was just busy being pregnant, I guess. I decided to take a step back from life online and focus on enjoying my own company offline as much as I could before this baby required my attention 24/7. I went swimming more often, spent many an afternoon reading and listening to music, hopped over the border to Germany and ate rosinnenschneken to my heart's content. That kind of uninteresting stuff. Boyfriend and I also went for a weekend to Lake Constance and attended a weeding in the middle of the Swiss Alps (so beautiful!). But because these photos are way too wintery with a snowy background, I guess I won't be blogging them now. Or maybe I will, to cool off a bit when temperatures hit the 30°C threshold.

So that's everything that's been going on around here lately ... And I thought an update was in order to share our happy news and bring this blog back to life.

Thank you so much for keeping in touch and your nice words and wishes. 
Have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Read the World {June 2015}

In January 2015 I decided to take up the worldly challenge of reading a book related to each and every country on Earth and I thought it would be a good idea of to keep track of my progress with a monthly entry on my blog. So come back the last Saturday of (almost) every month to see what I've been up to in the reading department.

US - Wild (Cheryl Strayed)

"It was my life - like all lives, mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me.
How wild it was, to let it be."

I finished reading Wild last month and it took me quite a while to get through the 300ish pages of the book. I have to admit that, though I wanted to like it I have mixed feelings about the story and its main character/author. The book was recommended by Katarina of Kate Goes Global (another great blogger from Tenerife who also started her expat journey in Switzerland and is currently planning to walk the Camino the Santiago - how cool is that?) and a bit discouraged by this review by Frankie of As The Bird Flies. Anyway, with the movie out last year, I wanted to know what the hype was all about.

Cheryl Strayed recounts her misadventures as she hikes the Pacific Crest Trail on her own on summer. And as appealing an adventure it sounds, to leave everything behind to hike along the US west coast for two months, I wondered what kind of person would actually have the courage - or madness - to take over such an impressive journey. I found out as soon as I started reading Wild. Someone like Strayed, who came from a non-traditional family, had an unconventional childhood and adolescence and her most of her life choices until the PCT journey were totally unfortunate.

With the image of a rather weird and quite irresponsible Strayed painted in my mind I found it hard to empathise with her or find anything of interest in her pages. However, halfway through the book, as Strayed finally started to get herself together I also started to find some value in her words and experiences. I was finally able to understand her quest and enjoy her book. And I would even recommend it but beware, you may find Strayed unbearable for more than half of the journey.

Besides her thoughts on motherhood, which totally resonated with me due to my personal circumstances (thank you, hormones), I found her closing words, which I quoted above, very true. Yes, this is my life, so very close, so very present and so very belonging to me. And it is so wild to just let it be.

Have you read Wild? What are your thoughts on it?
Any book recommendation about the US?

Have a lovely weekend!

P.s. in case you're wondering what I've been up to in the last months I'll be back tomorrow with a quick update.
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