Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 2015 - A Summer of Firsts

I took her in my arms, with my fingers on her nape to keep her head upright. I look at her and she looked back at me. Her eyes narrowed and the corners of her lips bent upwards, her cheeks rounded and her mouth opened. And there it was, BabyGirl's first smile ever! I gazed into her eyes, she gazed back in mine and continue smiling at me. 

Never had a smile been so beautiful to me. It melted my heart and even saw me shed a tear or two. 

Ever since BabyGirl made her big debut, she has been surprising us with new tricks everyday. She first grabbed our thumbs, then she began lifting her head when on tummy, she tries and stands on her feet when held upwards, she discovered her own two hands and how they fit in her mouth, and the list goes on. You can really say that everyday is like a discovery voyage for her. And for us as well!

July was also the month when I enjoyed the first holiday ever with BabyGirl. It was a total success and after four relaxing days in Malaga we have already book our first family holiday to Tenerife. It'll be only a week but I'm very looking forward to it.

And speaking of firsts, for the first time ever I'm in Switzerland on August 1st to celebrate the Swiss national fest. Tonight there will be impressive firework displays in almost every city and town in Switzerland - in Basel fireworks took place yesterday though - and during the day many people will be celebrating with BBQs all over the country. So, I think it's time to stop writing this post and enjoy some grillieren with friends.

Have a great August!

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