Monday, September 7, 2015

Flying with baby - tips for an uncomplicated flight

'Never had such a relatively uneventful flight had quite such an impact.'

I read that sentence on this post by mummytravels and I couldn't agree more. The first flight with a baby of your own is bound to be remembered forever, even if nothing memorable happens along.

I was on my own with BabyGirl for this very remarkable milestone, BabyGirl's first flight, and I started freaking out as soon as I booked the tickets. Was it the right decision? Will she cope fine with flying? Will her ears hurt? Will she cry non-stop and make this flight a nightmare for me and every other passenger? After all, BabyGirl hadn't asked to be put on an iron-bird to cross the skies and land some 3000 Km away from home in Andalusia.

Thankfully everything went very smoothly and BabyGirl passed this test with flying colours. We said goodbye to Boyfriend on the security check and from then on it was only the two of us. We passed the security check without any hassle, we waited for the boarding to start, sat in the plane, took off, flew and landed without any problem.

I tried and forced a paci on BabyGirl's mouth for take-off and landing to prevent her ears from aching but paci or no paci she seemed to do just fine and slept most of the time. She woke up roughly at her feeding times, pooped a bit a lot and went back to slumberland. During our flight back she did poop a second time when we were about to landing and just when we were supposed to be fastening our seat-belts we were locked in a toilet, me desperately trying to put BabyGirl in some clean clothes and BabyGirl half-naked crying because it was too cold for a baby in there. Luckily, the plane descended and landed smoothly.

I'm sure not every flight will be as easy as this first one but preparation is definitely key to success. So here are some tips to help make the flying experience a pleasant one.

Food: definitely an essential. If you are breastfeeding you don't have anything to worry about, as everything you need you are taking with you. And if not, not much to worry either as there are no liquid restrictions for babies. 

Toys: babies still don't play that much at this stage but it is always a good idea to bring a favourite toy  (and some more) to keep a baby entertained in case sleeping doesn't come easy.

Pacifier: v. important thing. Baby's ears can hurt during take off and landing due to the changes in air pressure and sucking on something will take some pressure off his or her little ears. If baby takes no paci, then bottle or breast will have to do - I personally find the idea of breastfeeding while take off/landing rather weird, what if the plane moves more than usual and baby bites way too much?!

Warm clothes and blanket: you know how it goes, always dress baby by layers. And more than ever when travelling, as you never know what the weather will be like when you arrive at your destination and much air co will be on the plane. So always better to take too much than too little.

Diapers and wet wipes: with all those changes in air pressure and altitude, baby's bowels seem to be working overtime up there. So never skimp on these, you can never have too many changing supplies.

Bib, hand towels, muslin cloths: even if you're a pro at feeding your baby, chances are that being cramped in a tiny space, the different surroundings and changes in temperature will make your baby a bit fussy and food and spillovers can end anywhere from your baby's face to your clothes.

Spare clothes: a body for baby and a t-shirt for you. See below, in such a tiny space it is easier than ever for baby to spit over both of you. Or you might find yourself in a poopy mess when you least expect it.

Patience and sense of humour: ditto. You never know when you'll find yourself in a poopy mess. 

Is there something I forgot? Some more advice to give?
Please let me know in your comments.

Have a lovely week!

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