Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015 - The Long Days With BabyGirl

"The days are long, but the years are short"
Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

I read this book called The Happiness Project back in June after BabyGirl was born and this quote really resonated with me at the moment and it is now proving more and more meaningful as days go by.

In case you're wondering, the book is ok. The Happiness Project is a quick read with some good advice and a handful of inspiring quotes. The only minus point - and it is a big minus - is the author. She is not a very skilled writer and seems a rather shallow and irritating person. Like the kind of person who cannot be bothered to listen to her own daughters but one day decides to start laughing at their jokes just for the sake of keeping up with her happiness project resolutions, not because she thinks they are funny, witty, or anything like that. You get the idea. Who knows, maybe one day you meet in her in real life and she is a lovely lady but she didn't portrait herself like that at all in her book.

Anyway, I digress.

Days can be really long, especially with a baby at home. I remember the first weeks after BabyGirl was born and each single day would be an endless loop of diaper changing, feedings and rocking to sleep. I would collapse in bed at 9:30 pm the latest only to be woken up four hours later for the next feeding session. And I was really lucky because BabyGirl was a great eater and sleeper and gave me some four hours breaks since the beginning! And now three months have passed since those first exhausting weeks.

Yes, the days are long but time flies now and the last three months have gone in a whirl. I remember when I would put BabyGirl on my chest to help her sleep, her head on my cleavage and her feet on my hips. Nowadays her feet have long surpassed my hips and whenever she moves her head bumps on my chin (well, I'm only 5'2''). I remember how BabyGirl used to spend the evenings crying inconsolably, feeling overwhelmed after a long day of novelty. Oh, and I remember the funny faces she pulled whenever her bowels made a move, her lips pouting and her eyes wide open. Funnily enough, that was favourite face.

But the years are short and the long exhausting days are now gone and have been replacing by the long tiring days, which are a bit more manageable. The sleeping bond has been replaced by playing time together, the endless crying by a myriad of cooing sounds and the funny faces by smiles and laughters. The years are short but every long day is a learning adventure with BabyGirl and I love spending every single minute of them watching out for her new tricks.

So, baby or no baby around, I hope you are making the most of every long day you have.
Do you agree with this quote? 

Have a meaningful September!

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