Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2016, what's in it for me?

We're already one month and one day into 2016, so I'm as late as ever to ask myself these questions and outline some of my plans for this no-longer-new year. Better late than never, or so they say. Truth being told, I have been neglecting this space for a while now but as much as I think that I've totally outgrown this travel blogging thing, I still find myself coming back from time to time. Of course, my approach to blogging has changed. I no longer seek fame and money, a huge readership and a career as a travel blogger - not that I ever got remotely close to that, mind you. But in a way I feel like I've stepped down the blogging game; I'm writing more for myself and I'm happy about. And as always, happy and thankful for those of you that still read and comment on my posts. A big THANK YOU goes to you.

Somehow I think it's a pity that I'm not devoting that much time and effort to this blog anymore now that I have been travelling more and taking some interesting trips. Well, I may recap all my recent travels any time soon. Or maybe not, who knows. My life and priorities have changed greatly in the last year, I guess, and I am putting all my energy in some other ventures. Besides parenting being so time consuming, you know.

Anyway, one month and one day into 2016, these are some of the things I look forward to. 

Travel. We already have a couple of family trips planned, London and Montreux. And I'm also going to Tenerife in March. We would also like to plan a trip to Ireland this summer, but at the moment, this is just an idea. I love London, I haven't been there for eight years now, and I can't hardly wait to go back. I'm so excited about this trip that I might even blog about it - yay!

And writing. I have been wanting to write like all my life but until now I have always found an excuse not to do it. I really don't know how to write, I will wait until this and this plot ideas are perfectly clear in my head, I'm not that good at writing, I don't have the time, I will never be good enough ... you know how it goes. 2015 was a life-changing year for me, not only because my daughter was born but also because I was confronted with the reality of death more times than I would have liked to, which made me very aware of how brief is our time here. Oh, such an obvious truth, yet so elusive. Becoming aware of my own mortality made me realise that I can only try and do the things I enjoy while I'm alive, for who knows what will happen next. Again, another very obvious truth. And then I had the big revelation. The time to follow my dreams and pursue my callings was now. Not tomorrow when I have more time, not in the future when I learn more about writing, not whenever inspiration finally finds me and takes my hand to write a novel-length story from the first word to the last. No, the time is now and it is up to me, and only me, to make this happen.

So this is what I've been up to lately and what I'm planning to do this year - as far as I have planned. 

Though I'm not the best writer I could be yet, I already started to treat my writing more seriously. I try to write something every weekday and in the last couple of months I have completed several short stories and edited a couple of them. Some are terrible and some are not too bad, but I'm ok with this. I also set up my own personal website, so you can find me now at Irene Montaner. It is a work in progress but I will keep an updated online presence there and write every now and then about how my writing dream career is developing. Feel free to drop by and say hi. Or just write something here and let me know what are your goals for this year. Or if you have any crazy, life-changing idea you would like to turn into reality in 2016. Or if you have any interesting advice for aspiring writers. Or just say hi, really.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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